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Programmable Button Suggestions/Help

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Re: Programmable Button Suggestions/Help
« Reply #20 on: May 30, 2012, 03:59:50 AM »
How do I edit the Programmable Buttons?  FYI, I am using a PeeCee, 64 bit windows 7.  Update appears to be useless.  It does not allow editing of an individual button.  I could delete the button I wish to edit, and then Add button containing edited content, but then the added button appears at the end, and not where the deleted button was.  FYI, I intend to use an editable button to issue a waitfor command containing the names of players that includes saved matches, players to watch, matches with, etc.

Two issues..two answers  B)

Click the menu option for proghrammable buttons, to get the box up...then click on the button you want to edit and edit the content. When finished, click the UPDATE button, and that will apply your edits.  

Deleting and adding will indeed put the new one at the end, and reordering isnt possible.

Dont do that waitfor thing...add the people you have saved games with, or want to be aware of in any way, to your friends list, colour them pink or green or purple..something that makes them stand out...then save.  Now, you have a permanent reminder which will ring bells AND visually tell you when someone you are waiting for logs in, much more noticeable. [waitfor only works for one at a time, and is forgotten when you log out and in, or are timed out]. Once the match is played, remove them from your freinds list. Much better solution to a problem!!
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Re: Programmable Button Suggestions/Help
« Reply #20 on: May 30, 2012, 03:59:50 AM »


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