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Backgammon tournaments in Bol - Croatia

Author Topic: Backgammon tournaments in Bol - Croatia  (Read 6377 times)

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Backgammon tournaments in Bol - Croatia
« on: March 23, 2010, 12:49:06 PM »
Hello backgammon funs,

Organized backgammon is started to play in Croatia.

We founded Croatian Backgammon Federation - CBgF and established
Croatian Backgammon Tour - CBT, with eight masters qualifiers per year
and with Masters in December (only in January, July and August we have
no tourney).

Some tournaments are two days long (Dubrovnik, Bol, Rijeka) some of
them only one day (Bihać, Split, Zagreb). These are low entry fee
tournaments (~50 euros) with hybrid swiss/KO format (mostly), so you
have guaranteed six matches at least. Matches are 7 pointers in swiss
and 9 pointers in main KO. On last three tournaments we have average
34 players per tourney. All these tournaments are open and you are
very welcome.

I invite you especially on 1st Dubrovnik Backgammon Open:
More about this tournament you can find here:

Schedule for other tournaments

27.03.2010. Bihać (BiH):
17.04.2010. Split: dlozo (at)
15-16.05.2010: Dubrovnik:
26-27-06.2010. Bol na Braču:
09-10.10.2010. Rijeka:

Mislav Radica
Vice President of the CBgF
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