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Title: jIBS online
Post by: aleucht on September 09, 2007, 01:05:24 PM

I wanna you let know that I'd set jIBS online!

jIBS is a clone of FIBS. You should've no problems using your familiar clients with it.

Though possible, I'd recommend to use a graphical client like JavaFIBS,... and not to use a telnet-like client.

jIBS is available under on port 4321 and will be online only for a short period of time. As this scenario is for testing the server under some more load and getting back some feedback from you, I can't guarantee the server to be online all the time.

Therefore, it might be jIBS to go offline without any notice!

But I'd apprecicate it very much if you point your client app to jIBS and give it a try!

When you do have suggestions, comments or anything you wanna share with me, you can send email to:
or look into the forum "" available under

See you're on jIBS where my account is 'marvin' or 'aleucht'


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