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New backgammon website!

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New backgammon website!
« on: September 10, 2004, 03:07:39 PM »
Dear Backgammon enthousiasts,
Some of you might know me from fibsboard, the forum i started here for Fibs users.
Although it is a fun place, it is purely for fibs users and handles mostly fibs related stuff.

That is why i started a  new backgammon Portal for a broader Backgammon audience.
"Another backgammon portal" you are asking me?
Well.. the difference is that this portal is free for everyone, and everyone can participate and contribute to it.
That means that everyone can add links, write articles, modify the Backgammon wiki doc (yes, there is a Backgammon Wiki!!), post to the forum and this newsgroup (as you can see), add book reviews, etc. etc. etc.

Right now the site is quite empty, as i am filling it with more information, links etc.
The forum also holds an small but fast growing archive of and is actually a webinterface to this newsgroup.

Please register (it's is totally free!) and help me build this website.
Also suggestions are welcome. Even if you hate it, i'm interested in your opinion so write it to me or post it on the forum.

O yeah, the site is on
Hope to see you soon on bg-world!   :cool:  
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