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NYC Fibs Party & Joe Tamargo Roast

Author Topic: NYC Fibs Party & Joe Tamargo Roast  (Read 8499 times)

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NYC Fibs Party & Joe Tamargo Roast
« on: August 18, 2005, 02:09:33 PM »
I've been a fibs player for the past two yrs, + or - , and I have never heard of a nyc fibs party having ever been held here as yet, at least not in the recent past, in spite of what seems to me a fairly vibrant backgammon community, online and off.  In my time here I have come across a good many nyc metro area fibsters, between possibly 20 and 40, very probably more and have thought of holding a fibs party to meet one another and show the rest of the world fibs community that we are friendly, too, and not simply suspicious, if not openly hostile ny'ers.

One of these NY fibsters is Joe_Tamargo, (online Fibs nick and real life name) a native ny'er, longtime New York City backgammon aficionado and fibs member in good standing.  Perhaps some of you have seen him in shouts: a vital and contributing member, ready with a song as well as a witty riposte.  Some of you may know Joe suffered the recent misfortune of the loss of a leg, amputated rather high, possibly due to severe, untreated gout and other complications of which I'm still unsure.  Joe has spent the past year in a nursing home in Flushing, Queens, quite near to his old apartment, suffering the company of the demented and the dying, a population he is in no way ready to join.

I have visited Joe on several occasions in the nursing home and found him to be as pleasant in person as online.  It occurred to me to hold a nyc fibs party to benefit Joe and help him in a grim and difficult situation.  He can walk ably with a prosthesis and care for himself, and is beginning his search for both adequate living quarters and a source of steady income.  He has a state social worker listlessly assisting him and is trying to enlist the help of a local handicapped advocacy group.

This posting is to ask for your help in making this event happen.  All are invited.  Many hands are needed.  Whether you are able to attend or not, there are many ways in which you can help out.  I am calling on the many various talents and considerable abilities of the fibs community to pull together for the common cause of helping one of our own in need.  Let's party!   Sept. or Oct., date to be determined as is convenient for all involved.  Generous souls able to assist in planning please contact me via eMail or leave a message for me on the fibs server.

very sincerely,


aka kid_pantyhose  (  n.b. hyphen not underscore in eMail address

[this post pre-approved by Mr. Tamargo, so a surprise party, though greatly desired, is impossible]

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