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The Rating Championship 2005

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The Rating Championship 2005
« on: December 28, 2004, 03:43:11 AM »
I am happy to announce the beginning of a new tournament to start on January 1, at 2300 UTC on Fibs.  There will be 3 group categories of player ratings.  These will be 1100-1500, 1501-1800, 1801-2200.   This single elimination tourney will be played using tourneybot on same day at one sitting.  Reputation limit will be set to 0 or better after 3-month test period.  

Group A, 1100-1500 will play 1 Jan 05, 1 pt matches, 3 pt finals, group B, 1501-1800, will play 1 Feb 05, 3 pt matches, 5 pt finals, group C, 1801-2200, 5 pt matches, 7 pt final, will play 1 Mar 05, and repeat so that each group plays 4 times per year.   Points will be cumulative for the year to determine winner of each category.

The first 3 months of this tournament will be considered a test period, however, scores accumulated will be added to the yearly score.  Only difference is that negative reputation players will be eliminated at the end of first 3 months.  Suggestions for improvement are welcome.
Adamosad has devised this tournament and will be directing it with the help of gogogiz, myself, and perhaps some others yet to be determined.

Please join us and make this new tournament a success.   :)  


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