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TourneyBot Automatic Tourneys
« on: November 30, 2009, 01:02:24 PM »
I have been running the mid-day (for me) automatic Three/Fives tourneys for maybe a year now (wow that long)

I would like to expand the schedule to other times of the day.

But this will mean tourneys when I am not around, I am not that worried about that because I don't
watch the tourneys I do not play in.

I just was wondering when people would like to see tourneys run.

I would also be interested in some longer tourneys, maybe Five/Sevens, All Sevens, etc.

The biggest argument I hear against long format tourneys is "I don't have time to play that long" yet I also see
people who are online for hours and hours... so clearly they may be people who have time :)

The tourneybot also can support multi-day tourneys, maybe we could have a weekly long tourney. (13pt? 21pt?)

I'd like to hear from people who actually play tourneys.


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