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« on: May 10, 2004, 11:52:18 AM »
Here is my first messages resource bundle for the Fibs Companion. Any comments on the phrasing (in english) are welcome, as well as any translations. If you have never done software localization work before, it is only the stuff on the right of the = that should change The .tooltip version for each one will help you understand what the thing is, as well as looking at the pictures above. A tooltip is the little bit of text that pops up when you hover your mouse over something. If you have any questions, please ask. Oh yes, you will be given full credit for your translation work of course!  And if you want to add a language not listed in the bundle yet, go for it.

The way this will eventually work, I think, is that the OS's locale will be read and the default configuration for both language and country will be adjusted automatically. The configuration dialog will allow you to change either one, and will be a selection by flag icon, even for language (unless anyone has a better idea).

A cool idea for a future plugin would be to make a horizontal row of (internationalized) icons for common phrases that generate the correct kibitz for the person you are playing (if they are using the FibsCompanion or JavaFibs, or any other client that implements the JavaFibs profile protocol thingie. It would start with these: but expand over time with input from users, or maybe via some fancy dynamic sharing mechanism.

On to the bundle:

// to close a window:

fc.title=FIBS Companion here for access to the features of the FIBS Companion the network and logging settings of FIBS Companion, and control your personal profile
// connection, as in a computer network connection connection features here when your client is active
// software help topics for the Fibs Companion and installed plugins the Fibs Companion and break all FIBS connections

fc.configuration.title=Configuration you don't know what you are doing, do not change these. They should work just fine unless has changed.
fc.configuration.file=File name
fc.configuration.file.tooltip=The local file where the configuration settings are stored host is the FIBS/CLIP compliant host you want your clients to use port is the port number of the target host you want to connect to, no matter what port your client uses port is the local port number that the Fibs Companion accepts, and must match the port number configured in your client

fc.configuration.profile.description=These settings will overwrite anything your client has set. Name real life name (not your fibs username). This is optional.
fc.configuration.profile.gender.tooltip=Your gender. This is optional your country. This is optional, but recommended, since it helps localize the Fibs Companion for you.
// add country names perhaps later
fc.configuration.profile.language.tooltip=Select your preferred language. This is optional, but recommended, since it helps localize the Fibs Companion for you.
// more later

// logs, as in stored information
fc.configuration.logs.description=These logs display general information about the activity of the Fibs Companion as well as debugging information
// a directory, or a folder, in a computer filesystem Directory
fc.configuration.logs.level=Logging Level
fc.configuration.logs.level.tooltip=The logging level adjusts the amount of information you would like to display in the logs. SEVERE means that only the most serious messages will be captured. WARNING means that unusual occurances will be logged as well as the SEVERE messages. INFO means that all SEVERE and WARNING messages will be captured as messages that are generally informative. INFO is the default setting. DEBUG will show every message available, and is generally not needed. local directory you want the Fibs Companion to store log files in
// meaning maximum number of files
fc.configuration.logs.nfiles=Maximum Files
fc.configuration.logs.nfiles.tooltip=The maximum number of (rotated) log files you want the Fibs Companion to store
fc.configuration.logs.maxsize=Maximum Filesize
fc.configuration.logs.maxsize.tooltip=The maximum allowed size for log files, in kilobytes
fc.configuration.logs.system.tooltip=General system-wide logging messages
fc.configuration.logs.downbound.tooltip=Messages logging the downbound stream from FIBS to your client
fc.configuration.logs.upbound.tooltip=Messages logging the upbound stream from your client to FIBS
fc.configuration.logs.downtasks.tooltip=Logging messages from task handling on the downbound stream
fc.configuration.logs.uptasks.tooltip=Logging messages from task handling on the upbound stream
fc.configuration.logs.plugin.tooltip=Logging messages from the various plugins' activities

fc.configuration.close=Save and Close
fc.configuration.close.tooltip=Save the configuration settings and close the configuration window Companion Help the Fibs Companion Help window

fc.plugin.repalert.title=Reputation Alerts
fc.plugin.repalert.description=RepBot reputations will be displayed in the window below, for users that you invite and users that invite you. For more information, see

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« on: May 10, 2004, 11:52:18 AM »

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« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2004, 11:55:27 AM »
From klic (german)


fc.title=FIBS Companion klicken, um den FIBS Companion zu nutzen des Netzwerks, der Aufzeichnungsfunktionen und
des persönlichen Profils der Verbindung, wenn der FIBS Companion
aktiv ist für den FIBS Companion und die installierten
Erweiterungen Companion beenden und alle Verbindungen zu FIBS

fc.configuration.title=Konfiguration Sie nicht wissen, was das hier
bedeutet, dann ändern Sie bitte nichts. Die Standardeinstellungen sollten
bereits funktionieren
fc.configuration.file.tooltip=Der Name der (lokalen) Datei, in dem die
Einstellungen gespeichert werden Server FIBS bzw. CLIP sprechende
Server, den Sie nutzen wollen Portnummer Portnummer, unter der Sie die
Verbindung aufbauen möchten Portnummer Portnummer, unter der der FIBS
Companion zu erreichen ist. Diese Nummer muß in Ihrem Client-Programm ebenfalls
eingestellt sein

fc.configuration.profile.descirption=Diese Einstellungen überschreiben die
Einstellungen Ihres Client-Programs wirklicher Name (nicht Ihr FIBS
Kürzel). Optional
fc.configuration.profile.gender.tooltip=Geschlecht. Optional Optional, aber empfohlen,
damit die Spracheinstellungen des FIBS Companion gesetzt werden Optional, aber empfohlen,
damit die Spracheinstellungen des FIBS Companion gesetzt werden

// more later

fc.configuration.logs.description=Diese Protokolle zeichnen allgemeine
Informationen zur Aktivität des FIBS Companion auf sowie Informationen zur
fc.configuration.logs.level=Grad der Protokollierung
fc.configuration.logs.level.tooltip=Der Grad der Protokollierung passt die
Menge der Informationen an, die in die Protokolldatei geschrieben wird. SCHWER:
nur die wirklich wichtigen Nachrichten werden aufgezeichnet. WARNUNG:
ungewöhnlich Vorkommnisse werden ebenfalls aufgezeichnet. INFO: Zusätzlich
werden allgemeine Meldungen auch aufgezeichnet. Dies ist auch die
Standardeinstellung. DEBUG: zeichnet jedes Ereignis
auf und wird normalerweise nicht erforderlich sein Verzeichnis, in dem die
Protokolldateien gespeichert werden
fc.configuration.logs.nfiles=Maximale Anzahl der Versionen
fc.configuration.logs.nfiles.tooltip=Die maximale Anzahl der verschiedenen
Versionen der Protokolldateien
fc.configuration.logs.maxsize=Maximale Größe
fc.configuration.logs.maxsize.tooltip=Die maximale Größe einer Protokolldatei
fc.configuration.logs.system.tooltip=Allgemeine systemweite Meldungen
fc.configuration.logs.downbound.tooltip=Nachrichten über den eingehenden
Datenstrom von FIBS zu Ihrem Clientprogramm
fc.configuration.logs.upbound.tooltip=Nachrichten über den ausgehenden
Datenstrom von Ihrem Client zu FIBS
fc.configuration.logs.downtasks=Aufgaben eingehend
fc.configuration.logs.downtasks.tooltip=Nachrichten über die einkommenden
fc.configuration.logs.uptasks=Aufgaben ausgehend
fc.configuration.logs.uptasks.tooltip=Nachrichten über die ausgehenden Aufgaben
fc.configuration.logs.plugin.tooltip=Nachrichten der verschiedenen

fc.configuration.close=Sichern und Schließen
fc.configuration.close.tooltip=Sichert die Einstellungen und schließt dieses
Fenster Companion Hilfe Hilfe-Fenster des FIBS Companion schließen

fc.plugin.repalert.description=Die Beurteilungen von RepBot über Spieler, die
Sie einladen und von denen Sie eingeladen werden, werden in diesem
Fenster angezeigt. Für weitergehende Informationen sehen Sie bitte bei nach

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« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2004, 12:32:55 PM »
hello !

Yes, i can translate it to french .

When do this must be done ?


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« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2004, 12:44:01 PM »
There is no deadline at all, just whenever you have time.

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