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DE Specials
« on: June 17, 2010, 06:18:51 AM »
Standings for the first "Texas Doubles" (Tourney #3493) 16-Jun-2010:

1. sunray :nr1:
2. DeaDice
3. RickrInSF
4. sixtie

practicing creating a tourney with TourneyBot for the first time since i have been back, i resurrected an old script (my cheat sheet) for a DE tourney idea from a couple of years ago .. i called it the Texas Doubles and set it up with very high registration limts for four players MAX .. the high limits were not intended to repel players, but rather to attract regular FIBS tournament players with high Rep, Exp, and ratings  .. here is the description from the TourneyBot settings:
Min players: 3 Max players: 4 Registered players: 4 (registration closed)
Match length: 3 Match length finals: 5
Player Seeding: Random
Registered Players: DeaDice, RickrInSF, sixtie, sunray
TourneyBot: Limits:
Rating: minimum 1698, maximum: 1836;
Experience: minimum 3000, maximum (no limit);
Reputation: minimum 50000, maximum (no limit)

Description: This is a double elimination tourney. If you lose once, you're NOT out.  You must lose twice to be eliminated. The  winner of the last round gets bragging rights and wins THE BIG ENCHILADA. Registration is LIMITED to 4  players with Exp of 3000+, Rep of 50000+, and Rating of 1700 to 1836. Limits may be waived by simply sending the TD a TELL requesting to play. Winners may become eligible for a Grand Championship with some way cool  prizes

Once opened, i was very clear about how the limits could be waived by asking the TD, but no one asked or needed it other than me (i did not have the Exp or Rep - but ol' sixty_something did). .. in about 15-20 minutes we had a full field of four: DeaDice, RickrInSF, sixtie, sunray  .

play began and DeaDice sent me packing for the elimination round in a great game with the cube at four .. RickrInSF then came back from the verge of elimination to knock me out as DeaDice dispatched sunray in another quick one  .. sunray knocked out RickrInSF to go into the final round where DeaDice and sunray met again and  played two very good 5 point matches with sunray taking away the BIG ENCHILADA!

the final round was watched by six players and the whispered chats were as much fun as watching the two great matches .. so, i think we all had a good time .. i did and i am willing to do it again as TD sometime soon time and date to be announced .. if you all like the format, maybe we can make it a regular tourney and come up with some tangible incentives to make it really special or at least different

meanwhile, enjoy your enchilada, sunray

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DE Specials
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