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Best Tourney Player at FIBS in 2010?

Author Topic: Best Tourney Player at FIBS in 2010?  (Read 5216 times)

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Best Tourney Player at FIBS in 2010?
« on: November 28, 2010, 06:57:30 PM »
Have you ever wondered who is the most successful regular weekly tournament player at FIBS in 2010? Who won the most of 422 tourneys played up to date? Who won the most tourneys in each franchise? Is there any player who won at least one tourney in each franchise?

Well I did. So I took some time to consolidate all of the results of regular weekly FIBS tournaments listed here. With 11 weekly tourneys scheduled on regular basis providing steady flow of champions in franchises like Bago, Bloody Mary, Three/Five, Fri3, Mini-Matches, Work Can Wait Forever and After Nine, I have generated overall standings based on total number of wins only.

After seeking winners in rather updated threads here at FIBS Board, as well as after set of inquiries made into TourneyBot (for winners that are not listed in threads but did made wins in 2010), and after consultations with other TDs running those franchises - and I thank all TDs for their help on this - the full standings can be found here.

In short, we had some 422 tourneys in 2010 generating 121 different champions, standings as of November, 28th. Most successful YTD (including today's Bloody Mary) - shall we say FIBS Top 10 Tournament Players - are:

socksey (25 wins)
vegas_vic (16)
yoyo (16)
austin (14)
sunray (14)
Miccimalou (13)
silent_greek (13)
dorbel (10)
juanz (10)
LuckyDice (9)
Schigolch (9)
sixtie (9)

As you will notice, full standings are hosted at Google docs and I will continue updating them on daily basis. Thus they will be updated on YTD (year-to-date) basis until the end of 2010, December 31st. Players in standings are listed by total number of wins whereas you may see the tourneys they've won on the right side of the spreadsheet. Yellow line defines drop-off at seed 32, whereas more grayed areas define players currently in area of that rate.

Now, couple of things which may be important to mention here: first and foremost, this is about best tournament player at FIBS, not about best player at FIBS. For later we have ratings, I wondered about former; those two information are different things.

Secondly, this standings has been based on wins only. While there are more sophisticated ways in determining standings based on overall results (and taking into consideration other results, like 2nd and 3rd places and such), I have opted for this option in order to pay respect to winners, those guys always going till the very end. So, more individual tourney wins player has, higher is ranked.

Thirdly, there are no weight coefficients in ranking different wins. As we all know, there are differences in winning 3/5 tourney and 2/2 tourney. Although one fully thorough analysis should have such coefficient, as well as one based on number of players that participated in each tourney - there is also difference in winning tourney with 24 players and with 8 players - I have opted not to go into such detail and to keep it simple, for now. I am certain that we will have such method for next year.

And, finally, this standings will be base for new tourney defining best amongst the best. This means that best ranked 32 champions will be competing in FIBS Tourney Cup 2010 for the title of Best FIBS Tournament Player 2010. In order not to mix too many information in one thread, you may learn more about this new one-time tourney in separate thread FIBS Tourney Cup 2010.

While this tourney will determine one best player for 2010, I wanted also to recognize and acknowledge players with other remarkable tournament results in 2010. Thus, so far, there are 3 additional Annual Rewards that will be granted once the year is over, and those are:

1) Player with most overall wins in all tourneys
2) Player with most wins in one franchise only
3) Player that won at least one tourney in each franchise

Awards will be custom-made badges I will provide for winners to wear in their profiles here at FIBS, thus they will serve as distinction. In addition, those Awards will most probably have their appropriate names (e.g. player_name Reward), based on remarkable FIBS players and their personalities, but we'll address this bit later. You could not expect anything else from an NHL buff as myself, but I hope those Awards will become annual and I hope all of you will come with good proposals for naming such recognitions for overall tournament results. Of course, provided you do have additional suggestion for new award, please let me know.

Suffice to say, the only goal here is fun, as well as to stimulate even more players to come and attend our regular weekly tourneys.

One more thing: if there is any player that have information or posses data that suggest his or her different results in overall standings, please let me know. Although I did check those data various times, mistakes are possible, thus I kindly invite you all to let me know if there is any additional info that should be taken into consideration.

And, for the end: please follow results and check out FIBS Tourney Cup 2010 thread in order to prepare for grand finals. With approximately 60 tourneys until the end of the year, final standings may look very different. In addition, even if you don't have single win so far, you may still make it into final 32.

Thus go, play backgammon at FIBS and have fun!
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Best Tourney Player at FIBS in 2010?
« on: November 28, 2010, 06:57:30 PM »

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Re: Best Tourney Player at FIBS in 2010?
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2010, 07:47:30 PM »
It would be nice to 'qualify' the it isn't just a reflection of:

The amount of free time a players has to throw at entering tournaments, 'infinite monkeys' and all  ;)
The number of tourneys run in their local time zone, compared to others
The fact that there is random banning of people who would play

It isn't my aim to take away from tournament winners, but it is a lot easier to rack up numbers of wins if you are playing 3 tournaments per day, not 3 per month.
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Re: Best Tourney Player at FIBS in 2010?
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2010, 09:48:48 PM »
Maybe it is an idea to let TourneyBot maintain a shadow rating of all participating tourney players, just like Tomawaky does with his FibsLeagammon site.  The bot needs to monitor all wins/losses anyway and the ratings can be updated after each finished match.


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