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General Chit Chat / Re: Can you play FIBS on Chrome OS?
« Last post by spielberg on December 30, 2016, 09:17:32 AM »
I'm soon to resurface on FIBS too and may even use this "spielberg" name (I bumped into Zorba and fortuna whilst planning my reappearance and blew my cover within two shouts). IF you can get Java running on your Chromebook Amy then it will run JavaFibs perfectly. Message me here (that is send me a message rather than posting in this thread for all to read) with detail on your Chromebook - who made it and which model is it?

And hlelo ariam - hwos the shunsnine satte?
Improving your backgammon skills / There is a new Tournament in town!
« Last post by PillowFighter on December 29, 2016, 11:46:58 AM »

There is a new Tournament in town! Merit Open Dubrovnik! Mochy sent me
a Christmas present with all is matches from this tournament!

(1.35) - Georgi Cholakov (3.92) 13pt Merit Open Dubrownik 2016-12-15

(2.15) - Guido Weidner (4.78) 11pt Merit Open Dubrownik 2016-12-18
Second Chance Final

(2.43) - Kristijan Culjat (5.95) 13pt Merit Open Dubrownik 2nd 2016.
12. 15 R2

(1.97) - Mislav Kovacic (3.96) 13pt Merit Open Dubrownik 2016. 12. 16
Main QF

(2.13) - Steen Groenbech (5.00) 15pt Merit Open Dubrownik 2016.12.16
Main SF

(1.77) - Stefan Parlow (7.86) 13pt Merit Open Dubrownik 2016-12-16 R
of 16

(2.02) - Thomas Ronn (3.58) 11pt Merit Open Dubrownik 2016.12.17
Fighters SF

(2.80) - Volker Sonnabend (5.29) 9pt Merit Open Dubrownik 2016.12.17
Fighters QF

(2.82) - Steen Gronbech (4.82) 17pt Merit Open Dubrovnik 2016
Actually William Patterson sent me this one a few days
earlier. Thanks!

You will have trouble finding a better display of playing strength!
From my numbers above that gives an average of 2.24 which is just
amazing! No luck involved in getting such a stellar result! Mochy
analyzed it at a higher setting and got 2.17 which is even more

Since I analyze all matches on standard "World class" setting this
gave me the idea that I could create a separate database where all
matches are analyzed on a stronger setting. Perhaps wait until XG3 is
out and then analyze everything again?

Also one thing that seems to be missing is a display on what analysis
setting was used in a match? Some info dialog "This match was analyzed
with these settings:" would be sweet.

Anyway.. back to devouring some more christmas cookies! :-)

Backgammon Studio The
swiss army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,
General Chit Chat / Re: Can you play FIBS on Chrome OS?
« Last post by maria on December 25, 2016, 10:44:10 AM »
Hi!  It's Amy.  I have missed you all!  I have been having computer issues.  I just got a new one.  Unfortunately, I can't find out how to get onto FIBS with the Chromebook.  There is no Windows, Linux, etc.  Does anyone have any idea how to get around this?  I would appreciate your help if you do.  I'm waiting to get addicted to bg again. 


Amy :)

The only thing I can think of is to use ParlorPlay.   Which is probably the WORST client for playing on FIBS but seems like your only solution.  Good luck.
General Chit Chat / Can you play FIBS on Chrome OS?
« Last post by Amy on December 25, 2016, 03:19:14 AM »
Hi!  It's Amy.  I have missed you all!  I have been having computer issues.  I just got a new one.  Unfortunately, I can't find out how to get onto FIBS with the Chromebook.  There is no Windows, Linux, etc.  Does anyone have any idea how to get around this?  I would appreciate your help if you do.  I'm waiting to get addicted to bg again. 


Amy :)
Campaigns / Re: Standing Rock
« Last post by stog on December 19, 2016, 02:25:19 PM »
The event at Standing Rock is giving life to a movement of American people whose unified voice can rise above the grinding of bulldozers and the screams of injured protesters.
It ushers in a new idea of what it means to be American and amplifies the message to police and national guard soldiers that their archaic tactics of violence toward Native people will no longer be tolerated.
News & events / New FLG season starts January 1st. Register now for a well run league.
« Last post by stog on December 19, 2016, 01:56:19 PM »
 New FLG season starts January 1st. Register now for a well run league. good matches with your peers, promotion and relegation, c register now.
Backgammon / Help regarding Tavla's Hit-and-Run rules
« Last post by blackgammon on December 16, 2016, 02:54:24 AM »
I recently started the Turkish game Tavla. When I first read about it what interested me the most was the no hit-and-run rule when players are in their own home. When I played a game recently with my favorite opponent, we encountered situation that I'll describe below that we've been in disagreement about and maybe an expert could shed some light on the issue? Or share your opinion on weather or not what I'm about to describe is considered an illegal move or not.

The game has been played without a hitch until here....

White has 13 of it's pieces in its homeboard distributed more or less evenly on its 6, 5, and  3 blots except for two piece which are on the 7blot just outside of their home.....

Black has two pieces in the Whites home board at this time with a piece on the 4 blot and the other on the 1 blot. Everyone with me still?

It's now Whites turn to roll and white rolls a double 3s

(Now here is what the two players are in disagreement about)

White has two pieces on the 7 blot, and with the double threes takes one of its pieces and hits the lone black piece on the 4 blot. Then covers it with the other piece that was on the 7blot now making a house on the 4blot. Now with the remaining two moves white has remaining, moves one of its pieces from the 4 blot to the 1 blot(this piece is same-2nd piece, that moved from the 7 to the 4 blot to cover after the 1st hit on its move) and that hits the other open black piece on the 1 blot. Then for the last remaining three takes the 1st piece it moved that hit the 1st black piece on the 4 blot and moves it to cover the white piece that hit the 2nd black piece that was hit on the 1 blot.....

Essentially, the question is, is this an illegal Hit-and-Run move or is what white did allowed?
Please any feed back would be appreciated, or if you have a question about anything on the topic, please, feel free to ask. I've been straining my brain trying to figure this one out.

Thank you!
Improving your backgammon skills / Backgammon Studio 3.4
« Last post by PillowFighter on December 15, 2016, 01:02:49 PM »

Backgammon Studio keeps improving and today I have updated the version number to 3.4 with these fine improvements:

Backgammon Studio 3.4

Improvements since 3.3:

  • New actiontags:
    • Double hit or not.
    • Unstack or not.
    • Deep stack or not.
    • Give up 6 point or not.
    • Make board point or hit.
  • New training tracks:
    • Double whammy! Hitting two checkers can be very effective if you aren't hit back. Worth the risk?
    • Pickup artist! Pick&pass with a checker is a nifty way to get an advantage but sometimes it might be worth just hitting and possibly make the point in the next turn.
    • Firepower! Adding a spare to a point can give you extra firepower for attack or more point making numbers. Or are there more clever options available?
    • Point taken! Hitting a checker or make a sweet board point? Tough choice!
  • Score based cube training section.
  • Display how many matches you have played against an opponent and easy access to more info.
  • Some help info on problems registering/logging in.
  • Speedup for player overview.
  • Show your own match stats when clicking on your name.
  • ctrl-u to open users list from anywhere. Allows you to open chat to friends asking for help if you are stuck.
  • Duel dialog opens up to other users unless a timed challenge is being played.
  • On mobiles you can use an expanded board when playing against opponents.
  • A 'Go advanced!' button has been added to the light home screen. You may still want to explore the settings section to adjust your homescreen to fit your perference. (Thanks tnx-foxtrot!)
  • Database switch is now just one button with a dialog to select database.
  • Bugfixes:
    • My matches doesn't include incomplete matches (Thanks tnt-foxtrot!).
    • The average PR shown in your my matches section now matches what you see when you click on your own name (Thanks Hall!).
    • Moving backward (current move) when viewing match didn't update pipcount.
    • Highscore ordering for same result was inconsistent.
    • Fixed problem with board frame color and numbers color (Thanks MRolovic!).
    • "Play" has become "Confirm" and "Clear" has become "Undo" (Thanks NCMC!).
    • Score hint on positions where white is to play (and gets reversed) didn't show correctly.
    • Illegal move didn't reset the board on the opponent side.
    • 'Opponent has left' message wasn't cleared after online match and starting a challenge (Thanks tnt-foxtrot!).
    • 'Rollout rumble' got renamed to 'Opening Training' as the original name might be a bit too obscure.
    • Clicking on other users opens both duel and stats dialog similar to interest+stats dialog when clicking on your name.
    • Using 'Play Winning' or 'Play Gammon' when searching for positions now shows a info alert if not searching for cube action instead of strange -10000 errors when playing through positions (Thanks tnt-foxtrot!).
  • Known issues:
    • Using Internet Explorer (Edge) non premium account the ads triggers a lot of errors: "SEC7111: HTTPS security is compromised by" possibly making Backgammon Studio appear sluggish on IE. -> Chrome is an ok browser.
    • Firefox version 50 seems to have problems connecting to chat server which will prevent online match play and chat functionality. Firefox version 52 seems to work ok (developer edition). -> Chrome is an ok browser.
    • Sometimes the client uses the same die twice in an online match but the server will refuse the move if you try to use a wrong move. -> Undo and move again.
    • In online matches sometimes messages are lost or arrives very delayed to the client and in the wrong order causing some odd situations. -> Undo and move again or if that fails make an illegal play which will then reset the position.

New users

Backgammon Studio went past 1000 users a couple of weeks ago which is sweet! Maria Petrova Rolovic (MRolovic) has been trying to get all her friends to join Backgammon Studio which is just awesome! :-)

Some users have used an incorrect email address when registering which caused the email verification mail to never arrive. While others may have had other problems. If you do have problems registering please email me ( and I'll help you out!

Some images

The number of training tracks has reached 60! Pretty good I think and they are good fun to test your skills against! They are very difficult so don't get too frustrated if you have problems getting into the top 5. The action training section is a much less cruel place to start your training.

Cube training is a new section where the focus is on cube handling given different scores. As you increase level the cube errors gets gradually smaller.

New action tags keep showing up! They are useful in creating training tracks and when searching for specific types of positions. And there is a wonderful amount of possibilities in Backgammon so I suspect more will show up!

The number of private shared databases keeps growing and it became obvious that having a separate button for each database was impractical. It is now a single button where you can select which database to use. If you would like a private database for your club or organization let me know and I'll see what I can do.

When playing online matches on a mobile phone you may want to have a board that is as large as possible so I have added an option to use a 'Expanded board'.

The space for the moves list does become rather small but that is the tradeoff here. You can open a full screen chat window with the speech bubble. This button should highlight (with an audio effect also) when your opponent sends you a message (or some other message appears).. The shrink button in the lower right corner lowers the chat window again.

The average PR player overview section has become a joy to use as more data is cached. You may get one initial delay if you try to get some data for a year where the data hasn't been generated yet but after that it should be fairly instatnt.

Online match play

Online match play isn't the main feature of Backgammon Studio but more people has started to try it out which is cool! I guess the trick is to find someone to play against and your best bet is to bring a friend! :-) When both are logged on you need to find a users list to challenge your opponent to a match. Originally the 'Showtime!' section was used to find opponents:

But you can also use the chat home screen which has the same users list and server chat:

But now you can also open up a users list from anywhere (on desktop) by clicking ctrl-u:

And you can even open the server chat dialog which also has a users button:

You can move these away and keep (one or both of) them open while navigating elsewhere on Backgammon Studio and then watch when someone you'd love to play against arrives.

Clicking on a username will open the duel dialog where you can set what type of match and match length you want to play. The old 10 position duel should still work although I haven't tried it in ages...

Do try it out! At least the consultation match with running PR is different from what you can find on other backgammon servers!

Holiday season!

As a christmas gift I have opened up all 60 training tracks so everyone can try them out! Normally only half of them are available for non premium users. Actually I opened this gift a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy it while it lasts! :-) The swiss army knife of backgammon! :-)

Happy holidays everyone!

Best regards,
Improving your backgammon skills / Merit Open backlog
« Last post by PillowFighter on December 08, 2016, 12:22:25 PM »

The a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon the: Merit open youtube channel and to my big surprise many matches were missing from Backgammon Studio! :-)

But the hunt for Merit Open matches is coming along nicely! I have received matches from Carlo Meltzi, Giorgos Kleitsas, Volker Sonnabend, Gaz Owen, Florin Popa, Jacek Wojciechowski, davidprimo, Katalin Veszeli, Jakob Garal. A big thanks to everyone!

Carlo Melzi - Maya Peycheva

Zdenek Zizka - Kazuko Numazawa

Akiko Yazawa - Jacek Wojciechowski

Michy vs Giorgos Kleitsas (I think Michy transcribed this one)

Bob Wachtel (US) R - Cneyt Argun Gen (TR) B

Bob Wachtel - Mt Fehr 5pt Merit Open 2016.11.03 warmup R2

Zdenek Zizka - Mt Fehr 5pt Merit Open 2016.11.05 warmup R1

Jrgen Granstedt - Florin Popa

Athanasios Katsios (GREECE) B - Paul Gilbertson (UK) R

Athanasios Katsios (GRE) R - Thomas Lw (GER) B

Laura Monaco (ITA) (B) - Gaz Owen (ENG) (R)




J.Simonsen (DEN) (B) - G.Owen (ENG) (R)

Thomas Kazemieh/Philip Kazemieh (Germany) B - Rainer Witt/Volker Sonnabend (Germany) R

Dario Bertola/Daniel Tudose R - Rainer Witt/Volker Sonnabend B

I have also started to transcribe some matches myself:



Rickard Persson (SE) (R) - Konrad Froschl (GER) (B)

Cneyt Argun Gen (TR) B - Maya Peycheva (BG) R

Athanasios Katsios (GREECE) B - Paul Gilbertson (UK) R

Athanasios Katsios (GRE) R - Thomas Lw (GER) B

And a couple of other matches which I placed in the intermediate database (can't create external links to those just yet).

Now there are only 99 matches left to transcribe/locate! :-) If you have any of these matches or would like to transcribe some let me know! I suspect Mochy, Michy and Akiko matches have already been transcribed though (but it is a nice learning experience to transcribe matches so it is not a big loss if you transcribe a match which has already been transcribed).

I created a page for the currently missing matches: Missing<p>

A better place to look for these is in the "other actions/match videos" section on Backgammon Studio where you can assign matches to yourself and then later upload the match once you're done:

Backgammon Studio The swiss army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,
General Chit Chat / Re: I need HELP!!!!
« Last post by Im_not_gimmeluck on December 03, 2016, 05:35:30 PM »
grid gammon as far as i know is dead.  i have emailed and maturin got sponsored.  both with no results
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