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Title: The "friends" option
Post by: burper on February 02, 2004, 06:31:14 PM
Friends are good to have
Title: The "friends" option
Post by: alef on February 02, 2004, 08:08:06 PM
The "friends" option only really works if you've vouched for a large number of players. Most people only bother with RepBot either before playing someone unknown or to complain afterwards.

I like the idea of an auto-vouching system after you've played the same person a certain number of times, perhaps 5 times? You could still have the option to withdraw this vouch and/or change it to a complain -- but RepBot would naturally gather a lot more vouches just through people playing each other.


What are all of RepBot's current features?
See (
Title: The "friends" option
Post by: burper on February 02, 2004, 08:20:14 PM
Features baby yeah!
Title: The "friends" option
Post by: alef on February 02, 2004, 08:42:22 PM
Keeping it as simple as possible must be best. Different levels of vouch would complicate matters. And what would vouch, say, 3 out of 5 mean anyway? I'd feel kind of rude vouching partially for people! I think RepBot works well as it is with just three options: vouch, say nothing, complain.

BrokerBot? Another bot would further complicate things. The idleness factor could be a further feature in RepBot though....

Perhaps you could tell RepBot your "preference setting" which gives you a rating band, idleness limit and reputation minimum then it alerts you when such a person becomes available? There'd have to be a limit to it telling you more than a few people at a time to be sensible, and I guess such a service would put a strain on the program. Maybe this is more of a client feature?

burper, since you're sounding full of energy on RepBot: any thoughts on ChouetteBot? Topic moves to future of FIBS forum (

Title: The "friends" option
Post by: alef on March 31, 2004, 10:06:47 PM
Is it worth having a simple friends metric? +1 for a friends vouch and -1 for a complaint. Would be a nice small number for the local proxy to display.
Title: The "friends" option
Post by: jinnate on April 01, 2004, 12:56:02 AM
i like the idea of broker bot, and if it's watching my preferences anyway, that should be relatively simple enough for me, i think. maybe. i'll have to think about that.

i got excited when i read about the friends option on repbot. i had noticed it before, but it hadn't really registered on my radar. this is pretty useful and it does make me have to re-evaluate who i vouch for. as i've been checking the rep of every player who invites me, there have been a few considerations i've made. some players are newbies with just one complaint, some players seem to have attracted complaining droppers like flies, etc. and the friends option can serve to clear a lot of that up. not always, but it's another tool. nice!

but how are you going to get people to use it? with local proxy in effect, it may easily become more relied upon. think i'll shoot a note to klic who's working on the faq that he should include your notes on this.

i really like the auto vouch thing. i'd prefer it if repbot asks me, then again, if they were a headache, i'd have put it in my notes long before game #5. so, yeah, i definitely vote for auto vouch.

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