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FIBS Tournament Schedule
« on: May 26, 2010, 08:42:09 PM »
World Time for FIBS Tourney Schedule stog edited 2017




New York



the above table can be edited from within Google by Tom, but any edits to this part of the post here on Fibsboard can only be done by admin(stog) as it is in html

yes good idea (have added link to the Fibs section of the LH Front pge Menu), just set up links to where folks can get details on the particular tourney. i'll set up the first for you; work can wait - just linking to the appropriate board - see above

also available is Fibs-o-nacci (matches can be played anytime within a week) --link also on front page LH menu, along with link to Fibsleague ( where matches can be played anytime within a 3 month period) and team-gammon

also see Tourney Boards here

the above table can be edited from within Google by Tom, but any edits to this post here on Fibsboard can only be done by admin as it is in html

ps tom updates the google calendar --> pls contact him when u need updates or edits thx

---below is the original sixty post-- above is from stog 18/3/2017

Regularly scheduled weekly tournaments at FIBS are in the list below.  Some tournaments have registration prerequisites or limits which can generally be waived by simply asking the TD if he/she will *ALLOW* you to play. Some have a long tradition like Bago and F3's and some have their own championship series associated with them, e.g. Bago, Mini Matches, and the Bloody Mary. Regardless, if you play at FIBS and don't play in one or more of these each week you are missing a lot of fun.

Other tournaments may be organized using TourneyBot or Challonge at almost any time. Some may occur at about the same time each week, but not be on a fixed schedule. Those tourneys are not included here, but are always a lot of fun, too.

To simplify keeping this schedule up to date, including during DST changes, the schedule lists the LOCAL time the tourney follows. In the next post there are clocks showing the current time for each of those timezones. Just look at the proper clock to see how see a specific tourney is.

To find the next tournament due, at any time, send a tell to tourneybot 'tourneys'. It will tell you anything playing, registering, and the next one due. ie:
You tell TourneyBot: tourneys
TourneyBot says: No matching tourneys.
TourneyBot says: Registration for Tampa Sevens at Nine opens at  8:30 PM EDT (0030 UTC) in about 2 hours and starts 30 mins later.

The full schedule: Match lengths for regular rounds and finals vary. They are listed in the 'format' column.

removed out of date image - stog 2017

socksey recommends this site World Clock where you can click on a city in your time zone to find your UTC differential.   :yes:

Now, one of the answers to the question of where is a schedule of FIBS tournaments can be simply saying, "See "


stog edit aug 20 2016

A reporter has made the following comment:
The document bg tourney schedule update.docx below is missing and I depend on it for registering times/start times.Where has it gone ?It has all the information but in an open format.I keep getting a 404 - Attachment Not Found message.This never happened before?

I have looked into this, and i'm sry i can't find a fix at the moment -- the attachment seems to be on the server, with correct permision, but can't be accessed -- it might be because of new server security -- it being a m'soft docx NOW FIXED but -- also i don't think sixty maintained or updated the doc for many many years -- please use the Google Calendar in the next post.
tom updates the google calendar
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