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Best android backgammon app? Need help, please!

Author Topic: Best android backgammon app? Need help, please!  (Read 7814 times)

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Best android backgammon app? Need help, please!
« on: February 21, 2016, 08:50:10 PM »
Hola guys and gals,

I know the title might not be clear but I will detail immediately for what I am looking for:

I want an android backgammon apk which does the following:

1) Allows play via BLUETOOTH so each player can play from his/her's own device and no internet connection be required
2) Allows play via INTERNET (eventually on a server which uses rankings, preferably FIBS because the average skill level is way above medium)
3) SAVE GAMES played (automatically) in .mat (or .txt format)
4) Use STRONG ENGINE like XG, GNU (or Snowie, or BG Blitz at least) which is able to provide Android World Class play, tutor/train (and analyze)
5) Provide many BACKGAMMON VARIANTS such as: NackGammon, HyperGammon, Portes, Tavla, LongGammon, Shesh Besh, RolloverGammon, MisereGammon, DominoGammon, IrishGammon, The Never-Finishing Game, Plakoto/Tapa, Plakoto Express, Russian Backgammon, Tabula, Dutch Backgammon, Gioul, Mexican Backgammon (Mexican Acey Deucey), American Acey Deucey, European Acey Deucey, Greek Acey Deucey, Fevga so we can learn how to play world class level for even the weirdest positions/games we may come over and have variety playing against friends

OK, I've did some serious research on my own and came to the following conclusion:

XG MOBILE APK - Meets points 3) and 4) and is excellent at that - but it totally misses points 1), 2) and 5). I think they could easily fix this BUT probably they no longer develop that apk since last time it updated it was in November 2014? I've sent them two emails but never got a reply.

BGNJ - Meets points 2) (via Google Play), 3) and 4) but is missing 1) and 5). And it also have a graphic problem: if you have a higher resolution on your phone screen, it will not enlarge to fit your screen. I've talked with the developer and there is no hope that anything will be done further.

BACKGAMMON 9 SMILES - Meets points 1) and 2) and partly (about 40%) meets point 5), totally missing point 3) and 4). This is still developing.

As an aside note, I was looking for ways to play on FIBS from Android and only found two options:

Backgammon Mobile from Alca Soc Coop which only allows 1 point matches, that's far from ideally. This one also uses GNU BG when playing against Android, BUT has one big issue when entering from the bar and hitting a blot, many times will not allow you to play that legal move!

Odesys Backgammon, an old apk which serves the point of logging and playing on FIBS longer match games as well. But the game play is not very user friendly and the screen resolution is pretty small and does not enlarge to fit to screen. It also don't save games, can't connect to other devices via Bluetooh and it's AI skill lever is very weak.

So, my question is: does anyone know one Android application which can match all my (first four) requirements? If at least part of my fifth requirement would be fulfilled as well and the application would as also be able to connect to a strong backgammon server (such as FIBS) then that one would be THE PERFECT ONE.

Please let me know,

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Best android backgammon app? Need help, please!
« on: February 21, 2016, 08:50:10 PM »


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