SSCrabble Instructions

  1. Game Rules
    View the rules of Scrabble.
  2. Moving Tiles
    Select a tile by clicking on it. Select where you want to place it by clicking the destination point. You can move a tile on the the board back to your rack by clicking on it twice. If your browser supports it, you can also highlight a tile by pressing the corresponding key (e.g. press 'A' to highlight an A tile). Space highlights a blank.
  3. Making Words
    Make a word by moving tiles onto the board, then clicking "Submit word(s)" once you have finished placing tiles. If the word is present in the dictionary the score of your word(s) will be calculated.
  4. Swapping Tiles
    To swap any number of tiles, place the tiles you wish to swap anywhere on the board, then click "Swap tiles".

New Features

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