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Title: HotXIce
Post by: rebayona on October 24, 2012, 06:18:23 PM
Seriously, how come this guy is still allowed to play here? He's not only a dropper but also he insult you the whole match if you're beating him.

He invited me for a 5 point match, I was getting very good dice and he went ballistic after me, although his insults weren't creative at all, they only insulted common sense and human intelligence. The match was 4-4 and when I was going to close it, he said "now you connect later and finish it". I replied:"No, I won't. If you drop I'll report you, and that's it.". He dropped. I reported it and repbot replied "you already reported HotXice". :O

So, he's been like that for years, since the last I remember reporting someone was over a year, and I have the feeling I canīt be the only one complaining about this user.

Seriously, how come this guy is still around? What's wrong with report system that this kind of users are still playing on fibs?
Title: Re: HotXIce
Post by: Uncle Ben on March 11, 2013, 01:19:57 PM
I had one just like that earlier today, forgot the player's name.  Instead of getting PO with these guys, I just laughed them off.  For example, this one guy said: "how come you're soooo slooooow."  To which I replied: Oh, I didn't realize I was slow." Then he said - well, I could have said so slow..."  Then I said: I think you're just PO because you're losing the match.

He continued posting ... but I ignored him/her.  And I won the match.  When I come across people like that, I just move the play window down enough on my screen to just see the playing area, thus blocking the chat area from view.  So he/she can say all they want ... I couldn't care less.

All these folks are looking for is to aggravate you ... And I sure won't give them any satisfaction.

Title: Re: HotXIce
Post by: ah_clem on March 11, 2013, 06:09:28 PM

Seriously, how come this guy is still around? What's wrong with report system that this kind of users are still playing on fibs?

1) Repbot is not an official part of FIBS.  If you think someone should be banned or otherwise disciplined you have to contact Patti.  Filing a complaint with RepBot will warn other users but that's all it does

2) This player has a bad reputation according to Repbot.  If you take the two seconds to check RepBot before accepting an invite you will avoid 99% of the problem players.  And if you accept an invite after complaining about the player yourself, you only have yourself to blame.

You tell RepBotNG: ask HotXIce
RepBotNG says: hotXice's reputation is -9481 (BAD)
You tell RepBotNG: list  HotXIce
RepBotNG says: hotXice's complainers: _BOSTON_HERE_, antokha, carmencita, EmmaPril, ferrara, gilesashton, janela, janine, katienmax, lafont, lassebjoern, LEBOWSKi, luis_peralta, nancy, PapaOdin
RepBotNG says: hotXice's complainers (cont'd): Ramsis, rebayona, subkontinent, swd, Torzetto, Tsol, Ushi, vonsolo
Title: Re: HotXIce
Post by: socksey on March 12, 2013, 03:20:59 PM
Also helpful is to check "list" with RepBot.  If a player has a lot of experience, he may look good on "ask", but may have a long list of complainers which causes suspicion.  I consider a long list to be 5-10+.  For this reason, I have made programmable buttons for that purpose in javafibs applet.  It works great!

For help with programmable buttons see: (


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