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hi frank thx for the software (i won in a fibsboard competition)

ive got a train journey coming up this weekend so i was hoping to be able to trial it then (im one of those strange folks who hardly uses a mobile but a 4 hour train journey will be perfect!)

went to the website -- nice directions - downloaded to my mac then transferred bluetooth to my sony walkman w880i phone and started a game --it's good and i was just getting into it and it said  that every second game ends! so i started a new game and wow i'm really pleased with this :

i like the tutor! and hint excellent
the big thing i am surprised and pleased about, is that it is less fiddly than i had feared. i am using it at the moment not on fibs as we have terrible mobile reception here in the sticks.

very nice software well done - which i had expected to take ages to set up and learn to use but which took less than half hour to to d'load,set up and play 3 games!

i see there is winning streak/loosing streak stats and that i can save matches too and i still haven't tried on FIBS because i think i will need a good solid connection which i don't have here in the woods! so look out for "stog on a train" later in the week! €12.95


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