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Difficulty posting results

Started by Matty, March 31, 2004, 05:38:34 AM

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I've had some trouble posting results for my games.

I posted my first win but there is no (W) against my name for the first round and my name does not appear at all with my opponents in Round 2. I fluked another win in round 2 but I can't enter my result. Am I doing something incredibly wrong??



Hi Matty,

i look on the site, your first round match is sign with a W. so its OK.
Try to clear your cache befor posting your second round result.



Or perhaps SandyPar hadn't yet posted at that stage. The postcard brackets require that both players post before either is then listed in their next matches.

Your second match is still waiting for you to post, is it giving you an error message?


All sorted out now. Thanks for your patience and help Alef & wingtsun.