Tournament 5 launched !!!!!!

Started by wingtsun, July 05, 2004, 03:32:56 PM

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Dear Fibsters,

The 5th FIBS postcard tournament has started!
Thank you for your patience, now that the update of the site is in place
everything should run smoothly :-)

To post the result of either a match or receiving a postcard simply
click on your name for the appropriate match:

All winners *and* losers must post their results. If your opponent
hasn't posted the result a few days later then send me an email, but
generally this should be able to run without the direct involvement of
the tournament directors.

Good luck!

Dear Fibsters,

The pairings for the first round can be found on our page for reporting the

The website no longer provides people's email addresses (the links are
for posting results). To help avoid junk emails I think it might be
best not to have our email addresses posted publicly, what do others

Have Fun

Oli und Wolfgang