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Started by stog, January 19, 2010, 09:24:09 AM

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<----enjoy esoteric ramblings in the new ISP Board (Ideas Science & Philosophy)
click the random pic here on the front page,below, to see all the boards!

Forum Match 4 vs Blitzxz (1-1 of 5) ..enjoy polls & erudite commenting by all; look in "most recent"--->.
<---New Gallery feature added and Campaign board introduced for contentious topics!
**New Membergroups**info here click Forum above (or the random pic below), and check which boards you can see - let me know, if there are any you could see, and now can't, or of any new ones you now can that u didn't know existed...!!

VIP donor members can set up a profile gallery, only viewable by their buddy list

16/1/10 Masters fibsleague Session 45 playoff, dorbel v BushSucks 2-11 (11)  congrats BushSucks , commiserations dorbel -- another big 8 cube , this time in first game

15/1/10 Fibs Fall Open Final 13 point congrats dorbel commiserations gaspar (18-8, but could have been 10-16 to gaspar with big 8 cube in the last and down to the last rolls..3 stones left! details here

we are now using a new database server- fewer errors and faster!!

The 2nd ever-exciting Fibsboard Forum Match vs Top Player (roadkillbooks)
deciding game came to an exciting end
..enjoy polls & erudite commenting by all.

Team league season 2 has begun!
Tampa Bay Tournament  Jan 15-17th details here
"Work Can Wait Forever" Mon 3/5 tourney. reg opens 18:00 UTC l

20/11/09 filmed backgammon event last weekend

Entries are now being accepted for the FIBS 2009 Fall Backgammon Tournament; the draw will be held on September 27, 2009. Tournament rules and entry information can be found at Spring results @ here
Fibs vs Gammonzone  First leg results Fibsters!!3-2
new board for experiences of, and advice for, Live Tournaments. click random photo below and look in backgammon category
2nd euro 09 where Poll posted! and the U.S.A?.........
july 19 now we have turned off the non-google ad campaign and the gammonvillage feed, we will need your continued kind support. please visit many thx
June 22 Free Competition "Risk - no risk!" has ended. 3 copies of Bgblitz2Go were won, details here
new games & puzzles for members (central front page above reader's wives, scroll down from here)..with thx for your support

The 1st Fibsboard Forum Match vs Top Player (factotum)  is underway (3rd game) with excellent erudite commenting by all. look in "most recent"--->

20th CZECH OPEN 2009. More here. also this previous fibsboard thread here
new backgammon problem in backgammon articles  (under the shoutbox, RHS of Front page) thx zorba
excellent exhibition match on FIBS well done Peter  "juggler" and thx for the annotated notes
Saturday, May 9th - 19:00 GMT, Second exhibition match
Peter Schneider aka the juggler versus Matvey "Falafel" Natanzon (rated no. 1 on backgammon giants list).[/s]new date
"Falafel" versus juggler[/color]
NEW euro 09 where posted
the snowie in small ads SOLD!!! advertising on fibsboard really works! .. turn all that "hanging around software" into ready cash --(or y not recycle some books/boards or relatives) small ads just £5!!!
new annotated match...thx mr. dorbel.... comment please?
congrats...juggler Masters Final Winner, who will now play an exhibition match -vs Matvey “Falafel” Natanzon....details to follow commiserations factotum, a worthy Final -WP both!
FLG Team League Play-off info!
First Fibsboard Month end report here
16th Escoffery Backgammon Tournament (tell them that Fibsboard sent you too!)
New hover mouseover topics on the forum/boards now give you  the preview of the first post within a topic
"Reader's wives" section below "Recent Topics/Posts" on the front page, comments the random photos and images that appear here on this Front page
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