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chess for VIP's

Started by stog, February 28, 2010, 01:52:47 AM

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i have introduced a chess game that can be played between VIP Fibsboarders - tested in firefox ok
(but not as good in safari unfortunately...(where the page needs refreshing after a move)

take a look at;sa=main

and there is also a link on the front page top LHS below Gallery, and in VIP Links too

it's pretty nifty! you can challenge members -other VIP 's  and leave games to resume later -- or put yourself up for a game which others can join..

let me know how u get on - there have been a few bugs with rating system and 'dark chess', but overall it seems great and there is realtime moves and chat too!!!

Become a VIP for a modest donation and help support an ad-free ish Fibsboard :) click here


chess for VIP's now available to fibsboarder plus membergroups


this is a great information to play chess online with VIP members............
thanks for sharing and i wanna be a VIP member..........
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