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Backgammon Studio 4.3!

Started by PillowFighter, October 13, 2017, 04:36:12 PM

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Backgammon Studio keeps improving and I have updated the version number to 4.3 with these fine improvements (and judging by the number of training tracks it has been 6 weeks since my last confession! hehe):

Backgammon Studio 4.3

Improvements since 4.2:

  • New actiontags:

    • Homeboard or outside hit
    • Make prime or hit
    • Give up last anchor or not
    • Remove a blocking point or not
    • Run all the way or not
    • Make board point and leave directshot or not
    • Give up last anchor or not
  • New training tracks:

    • Homeboard hitter! Should you go for that homeboard hit preventing your opponent to anchor up or gain more in the race with an outfield hit instead?
    • Risky redoubles! Redoubles are risky! They become very expensive if they fail but you don't want to miss the opportunity either. Tricky!
    • Containment! You managed to hit an opponent checker before it was all over. Now you have to contain this checker. What could go wrong?
    • Unblocker! Limiting the options for your opponent anchor with blocking points is important but at some point you have to get your checkers into your homeboard. Perhaps this it the moment to do so?
    • Runner! Sometimes you just have to make a run for it and run all the way with your checker hoping to get to safety. Is now your chance to do so?
    • 40 behind cubes! You're far behind (40+) in pip. Can you really cube this?
  • Other improvements:

    • Better XG profile support. Suggested by Johan Miƶrner.
    • Help with better XG integration provided by Xavier Dufaure de Citres.
    • You can now search for score away checker play errors. Suggested by Gambitcello.
    • You can now filter the messages you get in the chat log. Suggested by Yvonne.
    • Download all : You can now download all matches you have played on Backgammon Studio.
    • Position search cleanup.
    • Auto resize of board to fit screen.
    • Page focus indicator.
    • Reset colors support.
    • Default login country is now used in online match champions lists if you haven't created a profile yet. Suggested by area51.
  • Bugfixes:

    • Messages sent to public from a match wasn't displayed after leaving game. Reported by area51.
    • The duel dialog wasn't displayed on Android tablets (possibly 7.0 related). Reported by Leeuk66s.
  • Known issues:

    • If you open another tab to Backgammon Studio while in the middle of a challenge the challenge is aborted. Reported by David Klausa.
Some images

New actiontags are always pretty cool!

In other actions there is a new entry "XG integration" which describes how to integrate Backgammon Studio better with XG:

Thanks to Xavier for helping out getting this to work! Oh no! The page cut off just missing a display of my horrible cube performance! Bummer! hehe

I think I have done something to the rather obscure position search feature. hmm.. I increased the number of positions found and possibly some other cleanup. Sorting the result I think. This isn't the first search feature you should look at though. This is:

It is now possible to search for move errors done at a specific away score. You could do this before but you got both versions of the away score.

And more training tracks than you can shake a stick at (97 as of today)! :-)

In other news

Backgammon Studio reached 1800 users the other day! Sweet!

The number of online matches played on Backgammon Studio keeps increasing and just went past 14000! Pretty sweet too!


Got any questions or feedback? Don't hesitate to email me at Think something sux (like the UI)? Let me know or I may just think everything is awesome!

Spotted something that looks wrong? Take a screenshot and email it to me. That can help a lot in locating the problem!

Backgammon Studio The Swiss Army knife of backgammon!

Haven't tried Backgammon Studio yet? You should! :-)

Best regards,