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approaching end of first year.......

Started by stog, October 09, 2009, 12:38:22 AM

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we are fast approaching nearly a year of stogification of fibsboard, as although actual migration didn't begin until feb 1 this year, i ran test sites from november last year. (2008)

i trust you have all enjoyed the mudpies, growls and giggles, and that eric's sterling work has been continued with attempted good faith and fortitude.

i quite like the look and balance of the forum, as it is now, but as said before, we will have to upgrade the forum software - probably next year now (the official release is not yet ready) - which will inevitably lead to a change in layout and design as the new forum software seems to have some good strengths but is not an easy container for all the modifications that are on this version, many of which are included by default in the new version, but may well have slightly different workings and layouts.

i should like also to put my sites on dedicated servers too, but this  entails more  time and money, in sparse availability at present, so i am delaying such for the time being.

my thanks to all the moderators and to you all for your help, humour and support and constructive criticisms throughout this time........


the new forum software is nearly at public release with RC2 released this past week to their charter members - their next release should be public gold release which will give me time to test, while they iron out more. example here

the major modification/portal used on this forum (doesn't as yet work with the new forum software smf2) and is only just progressed to alpha, although i expect their developers to be able to fine tune once the forum software is 'public' released; so  they will be able to release - i guess towards year year.......

a dedicated server option for fibsboard would be in the region of £18-20 a month that is approaching £250 a year which is only really justified for commercial sites, i could however at a future date share fibsboard with my other business sites as 'shared hosting' but on our own dedicated server; which would mean that only (and its siblings) and fibsboard would be on that server......

again time/money.....hence the limited return to ads ...there have been no additional donations these past few ad-free months

....i will have to be spelling out to fibsboarders once again that we need 10-15% core group* donations annually to  stay in the black -- more and i can investigate further the dedicated server options......

* i estimate the core group of visiting fibsboarders to be now >200. (we have had 16 donations/contributions so far)
also we now have visitors recorded from 121 countries

the next year though will mainly be taken up with testing/design and introduction of the new forum software ...........


late here on wednesday night and i've been up doing forum maintenance and admin and trying to find what has been slowing us up this past day or so ....i've found a few things and i've alluded to one of them here;msg20066#msg20066

really getting these 'articles' into your consciousness aren't i ? :)

any how all is working well now, but it is now past peak hours and so all should be faster - i will continue checking in at peak times over the coming days and hope to find things improved.

i am hopeful too that the new forum software will be faster, when it is finally sorted, but we get what we pay for, and if we want a faster forum, then we may need a faster server too -  a dedicated host may be best, but that requires approx £220+ every year, and the time and commitment to migrate the forum once again. It would be good to do both --- the new software on a new server.......

if any of you know, and can recommend some good server alternatives -- please let us know, as we are currently researching some different options...

we need much space, preferably linux with up to date mysql/php myadmin and english control panels.....

and of course donations and/or paying ads

with thx


    i have been looking into facebook/fibsboard integration

there is a paid modification which would allow the following..................

* Allows fibsboarders to be registered using there facebook accounts
   * fibsboarders could link their existing fibsboard accounts with their facebook accounts;

   * fibsboarders could log-in using their facebook accounts
   * fibsboarders could get notifications from the fibsboard forum in their facebook accounts
   * fibsboarders could sync their buddy list with there facebook account, which will add all the members from their buddy list, also a part of the forum, to his/her buddy list

this obviously could further slow up this fibsboard and increase traffic, which brings us back to my previous post concerning server speed and cost..

are enough of you interested enough in this, and are you willing to subscribe a small donation to allow its development i wonder?


This sounds interesting, and I can see your list of 'what you would gets', but I am rubbish at visualising this kind of thing...can you spell out what what the advantages would be to me, as a facebook and fibsboard user?

And, all importantly...would don be able to access all my family information??   :blink: :blink:
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im not a fbook user so im not really in a position 2 say, only that -- as above really - the log ins are synchronised and you can still control who goes where  in the normal way i think --- there would be a f'book button next to your name here as there is at present with IM, and your facebook would show recent posts from your mates here on fibsboard..

i can't see it being that important myself but i thought i would ask......... :)


The ink was barely dry on this post, when I went to another site which had a 'share with facebook' option...I immediately thought that is what this might mean...It was quite useful, you can put a link on facebook to go directly to a specific place - which might be useful here too....
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I belonged to facebook once and left.  I think there is too much tying to it already.  I don't like this idea.


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Quote from: stog on October 15, 2009, 10:10:21 AM
   i have been looking into facebook/fibsboard integration

are enough of you interested enough in this, and are you willing to subscribe a small donation to allow its development i wonder?

I am completely uninterested in Facebook integration. 

Facebook is where I interact with people that I actually know in real life;  I'm not interested in having my internet acquaintances injected into that forum.  Don't take this the wrong way - I like the folks I've met here, but I prefer to interact with you here and on FIBS, not alongside my family and friends. 

Further, integrating Facebook will probably have a similar effect as the phone users are having on FIBS - clueless yobs dropping matches because they don't know any better.  Or another analogy, do you remember when AOL and WebTV made usenet available to their users?  It wasn't pretty.

That's my $.02.  I like what you've done with the site so far, but I don't think Facebook integration would be an improvement.


i agree that there seems to be no real reason for this, except that facebook fibsboarders would be able to see latest posts on their facebook, and be able to log in/off on either.

from what i understand you could still decide who you respond to, or choose to be your friends..however.....

i am happy not to have to set this up, especially as it costs! but i thought i would tell you of its availability.

fibsboarders can be pm-ed from within fibsboard, and within fibs itself which seems enough!

I am glad you like what has been done so far  this year!


QuotePS  I am glad you like what has been done so far  this year!

Sorry, I forgot to say that!  I do like what has been done, so far, this year, with exception of what you know already.   ;)  Thank you, stog!  :)

I agree with all the reasons ah_chem has stated for not integrating with facebook.  Thank you, ah_chem for taking the time to elaborate.   :yes:


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Quote from: stog on October 09, 2009, 12:38:22 AM

i should like also to put my sites on dedicated servers too, but this  entails more  time and money, in sparse availability at present, so i am delaying such for the time being.

Another site I frequent switched hosts recently to a provider that  gives you your own Virtual Private Server. e.g. you have root access.  It's not dedicated hardware, but it's the next best thing.  It's over on our side of the pond (well, the company is, no idea where the actual physical servers are...) but it's not all that expensive at $13 USD/month (about 8 pounds). Might be worth looking into.

See for the planning process, and the admin's blog for how it went.


you may have spotted an autumn 'doh neight tea' campaign! (thx to our latest donor- just when i was starting to crack :) too )

but your funds are rewarded with yours truly setting up twin sites these past 4 days
at 5am this morning with the latest forum software and some subtle themes ..
i have also tried a new setup with this latest officially released version (like the one we are on, but with a newer portal and theme --- looked good and performed well - mind you their databases are small - maybe 40x smaller than ours!
so much care and caution is required

my backgammon playing (much less these days) unfortunately conversely becomes more and more reckless as i am busy

anyhow here is a snip.(think subtle olive grey/green fade with random pic central front).... nite


1st december 2009
latest forum software security upgrade completed (at least 4 completed this year)

november 2009
photo gallery and campaign board introduced
new database server introduced,,,,,,

the forum is now much swifter  and there is no longer a need for a dedicated server option

forum stats here

the fibsboard forum match 2 was very well attended - thx all

i have temporarily enabled page view times (see bottom of page)

snapshot = 5/12/2009 13.30 pm
Page created in 0.341 seconds with 30 queries.

this is much faster than earlier in the year.....

If you appreciate Fibsboard and would like to contribute to its ongoing running costs click here

We need small donations from about 20% of the core group of fibsboarders (> 150 of you) each year,  to break even and for us to consider continuing the board further than the 2 years we have allocated for.....

13 have donated so far this year.. many thx


ok a further day's work (and much of last night) on this Forum

- removing a complicated  out of date mod  that has been causing many problems......

it has meant however that many "pasted"  links and cross references now no longer work as they were .html stamped....... grrrrrrr

but on the bright  side folks can now search better for what it is, that is now not linked!.

i repeat ---it has meant however that many x-referencing links we have made are now broken, so i have been busy trying to correct them, but by all means draw my attention to the various ones still to do......grrrrrrr  :)

(this may take a few months FIXED 11/12/2009- please reference them here -- thx)

you can try inserting in the browser address field index,php to the failed link as in,72.0.html and see if the link then works[/s]

and if you can -- do a search for the correct link and post it here , together with where the correction should be  -- many thx -- this will really help us here at Fibsboard, as there are probably very many within the bowels of the boards, but i really had to bin the offending outdated security risky software modification, that has been starting to cause many serious problems with the boards, and is now no longer maintained....

but now search works better/faster etc

and page load snapshot as of peak time here 19.06 DEC 8, 2009 of

"Page created in 0.338 seconds with 27 queries."

I am also  trialing a community type customisable profile/buddy system, and a profile/pic/document/sounds area that can only be seen by your buddies   see here
Let me know of any bugs,bears or kisses
Become a Fibsboard VIP and get to use Ultimate Profile and Buddie lists etc

Season's Greetings!

(the stog must now do his yearly visit to the big city for prezzies)


i write to inform fibsboarders of a trend that will affect the future running costs of Fibsboard..

many of the modifications we use with the open source forum software, are going to become 'paid' modifications with the release of the new forum software - many of the mod developers already have 'lite' free versions with the full version being charged for..

i draw your attention to this as i budget for the next few years - it means that our fixed cost base will rise - hopefully by not too much at first, but the trend is there for all to see.

this is understandable as providing, maintaining and supporting these softwares is time consuming.....

some of these mods are not 'vital' --an example being the latest gallery mod - which we use - it is a 'lite' free version, but the full version for the upcoming new forum s'ware release, is a paid mod which includes slide shows etc - instead of individual pics

but there are a few more vital mods that i am concerned will become paid for, and for which we may need the full version - will keep you all informed........

i have already made quite a few custom hacks here on the fibsboard to provide better flexibility or use of the software, and its mods (or to bypass the need for a mod ) but - it is time consuming --

and so i shall continue to bombard the membership with requests for donations

i trust you understand

with thx to you all for your support and participation, i wish you all a wonderful christmas and new year when it comes

best wishes

If you appreciate Fibsboard and would like to contribute to its ongoing running costs click here

Each year we need small donations from about 20% of the core group of fibsboarders (there are > 150 of you),  to break even, and for us to consider continuing the board further than the 2 years we have allocated for.....

13 have donated so far this year.. many thx


ok another 3am night grrrrrrr

but the good news is that some wonderful folks had made a redirect filter -- which i finally found and installed and initial testing is very positive. i think there may well still be  problems with links to articles however.. if you can let me know of any broken links still

many thx


Quote from: diane on October 15, 2009, 04:30:23 PM
The ink was barely dry on this post, when I went to another site which had a 'share with facebook' option...I immediately thought that is what this might mean...It was quite useful, you can put a link on facebook to go directly to a specific place - which might be useful here too....

and by way of celebration after 3 late nights fixing the missing links problem, i have added the ability for members to easily share/ add or bookmark any topic thread, to your browser (choose Favourites) or to up to 200 social bookmarking sites -including Facebook & Myspace...... top right of all topics..................


Chat is back - available from the top menu,
and probably only really useful when FIBS is down..........

Sitemap now available from every page...

New Culture Board available for in front page top left menus

New VIP Donor articles and enhanced Profiles available (just click enable 'ultimate profile' in your profile and get customising, invite some buddies to see your results.. enjoy and thx for your support this first year....

**VIP donor members can set up a profile gallery, only viewable by those on their buddy list ****


hi, just doing some final tidying up afore the new decade...(wishing u all a goodun' when it comes btw)

i have amended the "About Fibsboard" our evolving 'manifesto' linked to the Front page Menu, with the following...

"It provides an area where citizens of the various nations who use FIBS, can contribute a more considered and more permanent,  re-readable view, than is possible in the live flow of public chat on FIBS itself.

(FibsBoard has nearly 5000 members and visitors from over 126 countries; this is a fluxing membership in four figures, with a core following of >200 returning activated members on a 40 day cycle, and approaching 40 new members a week with, on average again, 40 folk online everyday, and most recent monthly pageview stats of >211000 - over 7000 pageviews a day, with visitors remaining onsite, an average >6mins each ) jan25 2010

FibsBoard  is a Free Forum where activated registration is required, We accept donations, and while VIP Donor members do get enhanced custom profiles, which can only be seen by their buddies, and access to special VIP Articles, the major part of the Forum & Boards is open to all..."

see the full evolving version here


approaching first year end and i am pleased to say we are now well >7000 page views a day, (with this month's page view stats the highest ever - already >240000) and have now replaced most ads with in-house propaganda, alerts, requests for donations and ads, and links to current happenings..

below is a selection of ads used through the year..please consider using Fibsboard to promote your events, or further the word for your current projects or products, available at very modest rates....

we hope you have enjoyed the change from google ads, but we are now dependent on donations (y not subscribe for a fiver a year?)click here

* denote our particular faves..y not commission one yourself?


approaching 2nd year end..............

quite a few upgrades to the forum software completed this year (one very recently), together with some new boards and areas, allowing for more diverse member participation, better profiling and chess, and own galleries for VIP's, and the Fibsboard Forum matches seem well attended -- thx to all who contribute...

stats wise we are now approaching 5000 members from over 140 countries, and averaging nearly 6000 page views a day, with just under 10 posts a day on average.

we have had 13 VIP Donors this year about £86-- thx --we are very grateful (now 14 :) cheers edit 6-12-2010)

if you have meant to donate, but haven't got around to it so far -- now would be a good time as all our costs have risen, and i need to save for some new equipment - my computers were second hand when i got em >6 years ago! they are now pretty full up -- we do local backups as well as online here..

i have been able to respond to various problems throughout the year fairly quickly, and i trust you find the forum adequately fast, given the amount of info that has to load. Also quick response and timely upgrades has meant our downtime has been much reduced this year so far!

to donate click here ( even a pint is helpful and much appreciated and allows us not to to have to rely on too much advertising - cheers)


nearly time to put up the christmas decorations (onsite!) - they do slow the whole setup though, so i will delay for a while...

meanwhile here r some snowy images i came across..


ok just completed a full weekend of design tweaks and maintenance - little things like a deeper shoutbox, and a deeper backgammon article block, on the front page RHS, which together with additions/and changes made throughout the year, mean that our Frontpage works better as a portal, and better reflects Recent Member Activity; Posts, Topics and Articles, including Top Topics - a visual 'cloud' etc

Check out our Frontpage --> ensure the Fibsboard Frontpage is your access bookmark - see Recent posts at a glance, click the random photo to go directly  to the Forum, scroll down and see who has posted recently and to which topics etc.. enjoy

I have tried this past year to ensure/update the Forum software and  associated mods, including our block architecture, so that it is now completely up to date for this version, and better placed for the forthcoming major upgrade expected next year, although as I have posted about before, we may lose many of our hard worked mods and designs for a while, as we 'evolve' and adjust to a new look..........i was not looking forward to doing this (it took many sessions as our previous 'block software' was historically very different from our new version, now installed - but which is now more future compatible,  and while we do have ongoing errors - most are now unnoticeable, and the Forum i think is now, hopefully, the smoothest it has been..

VIPs now enjoy faster loading, as they do not have 'every page' welcome area, between post or bottom ad/info display; they also enjoy more articles, links, chess matches and custom profiles which can be available to just those on their Buddie lists -- they have a larger message facility, and of course, a very special badge! (there is also a facility for Anonymouse VIPs thx guys :)

All for the Price of a Pint!  **Keep us Going**   "Donate or Advertise"

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If you appreciate Fibsboard and would like to contribute to its ongoing running costs, please click here and choose how much you would like to give. We appreciate any size of donation, and depending on amounts provided, we could then lessen our dependance on corporate advertisements, thx again.


decorations up hope you like them!

VIPS remind me to switch off ads/requests in New Year if necessary, but for now only the bottom of page remains for all

Happy Holidays
from us all at stog HQ