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approaching end of first year.......

Started by stog, October 09, 2009, 12:38:22 AM

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approaching 2nd year end..............

quite a few upgrades to the forum software completed this year (one very recently), together with some new boards and areas, allowing for more diverse member participation, better profiling and chess, and own galleries for VIP's, and the Fibsboard Forum matches seem well attended -- thx to all who contribute...

stats wise we are now approaching 5000 members from over 140 countries, and averaging nearly 6000 page views a day, with just under 10 posts a day on average.

we have had 13 VIP Donors this year about £86-- thx --we are very grateful (now 14 :) cheers edit 6-12-2010)

if you have meant to donate, but haven't got around to it so far -- now would be a good time as all our costs have risen, and i need to save for some new equipment - my computers were second hand when i got em >6 years ago! they are now pretty full up -- we do local backups as well as online here..

i have been able to respond to various problems throughout the year fairly quickly, and i trust you find the forum adequately fast, given the amount of info that has to load. Also quick response and timely upgrades has meant our downtime has been much reduced this year so far!

to donate click here ( even a pint is helpful and much appreciated and allows us not to to have to rely on too much advertising - cheers)


nearly time to put up the christmas decorations (onsite!) - they do slow the whole setup though, so i will delay for a while...

meanwhile here r some snowy images i came across..


ok just completed a full weekend of design tweaks and maintenance - little things like a deeper shoutbox, and a deeper backgammon article block, on the front page RHS, which together with additions/and changes made throughout the year, mean that our Frontpage works better as a portal, and better reflects Recent Member Activity; Posts, Topics and Articles, including Top Topics - a visual 'cloud' etc

Check out our Frontpage --> ensure the Fibsboard Frontpage is your access bookmark - see Recent posts at a glance, click the random photo to go directly  to the Forum, scroll down and see who has posted recently and to which topics etc.. enjoy

I have tried this past year to ensure/update the Forum software and  associated mods, including our block architecture, so that it is now completely up to date for this version, and better placed for the forthcoming major upgrade expected next year, although as I have posted about before, we may lose many of our hard worked mods and designs for a while, as we 'evolve' and adjust to a new look..........i was not looking forward to doing this (it took many sessions as our previous 'block software' was historically very different from our new version, now installed - but which is now more future compatible,  and while we do have ongoing errors - most are now unnoticeable, and the Forum i think is now, hopefully, the smoothest it has been..

VIPs now enjoy faster loading, as they do not have 'every page' welcome area, between post or bottom ad/info display; they also enjoy more articles, links, chess matches and custom profiles which can be available to just those on their Buddie lists -- they have a larger message facility, and of course, a very special badge! (there is also a facility for Anonymouse VIPs thx guys :)

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decorations up hope you like them!

VIPS remind me to switch off ads/requests in New Year if necessary, but for now only the bottom of page remains for all

Happy Holidays
from us all at stog HQ