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Game 6, move 3 : Forum 5-3

Started by diane, May 15, 2010, 12:29:37 AM

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Forum, blue, to move 5-3

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I don't like the hit play here. The 21 return shots are very damaging, costing us a lot of pips in the race and putting us on the bar against a two point board. When it works, i.e. when we are not hit back, we have two blots to cover. Of course we gain pips by hitting, but in a gammon and cube free game, that is less important than usual. The solid 13/5 play pins down the valuable 5pt and puts pressure on White to cover his blot.
These hit or make a point problems occur frequently in the first three or four rolls of a game and I frequently get them wrong, so with less confidence than usual, I eschew the hit.