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CocoaFIBS 0.3 Beta Released

Started by agerson, April 20, 2005, 02:25:26 AM

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You may download the latest version at The CocoaFIBS Website

New Features
Choose from FIBS mirror servers in the server preferences
Option-clicking on the dice switches their order (useful for moving with auto-move).
2 New board designs by Sascha Bank (Marble and Leather)
Added sounds for when its your turn to roll or double
Added a preference to choose auto-move with single click or double click.
Improved the automove system visuals.

Bugs Fixed
When you open the terminal, the text field is selected for you
When you use the up and down arrows on the players list the Get Info window updates
"DS-Store" doesn't show up as a board option in preferences.
In game message no longer says "please move -1 chips" in some cases.
Fixed a wrong sized graphic in the new marble board
Fixed a custom board pref consistency
Fixed scroll bars on Public Chat and Terminal
Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect highlighting of triangles
Fixed a bug that caused some chips to disappear


Where can I still download version 0.3? Version 0.4 crashes during login.

Greetings ergo


no need to download 0.3 - it does the same and it seems to
happen randomly.

anyway, when 0.4 crashes, 0.3 does it also and vice versa