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A Call For Developers

Started by agerson, October 03, 2005, 04:16:27 AM

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My increased responsibilities at work, World of Warcraft, and my desire to work things out with my truly awesome girlfriend have caused my attention on this project to be diverted. I would like to get the app more stable and feature filled. This was my first major Cocoa project. I also don't know much about how to share code. I know sourcefordge and CVS have something to do with it. I will start to look into it. If you are a competent and interested Obj-c/Cocoa developer and would like to participate please email me. agerson AT mac DOT com. Please keep in mind my code is not elegant and well commented.



This is great to see - and I hope you get lots of capable people joining in.  Can I put in a request on behalf of mac users?

I often leave messages for freinds not online - and it seems those with cocoafibs never receive them.  I dont know why - but in any work done on this client - can this be considered?
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Further to this request - it seems whispers and messages come in the terminal window - but not the window for chat (I am using a bit of guesswork here - since I have never seen the interface) but have had it described to me.  This seems to be why players miss them - is it possible to redirect them to somewhere more visible - like javafibs does?
Never give up on the things that make you smile


Hey Diane -- we should start a standing forum message for proposed improvements to cocoafibs... that way it would make it easier to latch on to features that users really want as this project moves to a broader code support base with open source developers.

:rolleyes: BTW Anyone have a clue about starting an open source project? To help Adam out and make it easier for developers new to open source development to contribute?:rolleyes:



Quote from: agerson on October 03, 2005, 04:16:27 AM
agerson AT mac DOT com.

yup. did that.  perhaps you'll see this somehow ?


Is the source code for this project still available ?


Quote from: Gritstone on October 04, 2006, 09:32:40 PM
Is the source code for this project still available ?

There was a problem checking out the code from CVS on a mac as it was before, and I understand that Adam wants to make some changes.  He has switched the site to SVN, and I understand he is getting the hang of that to do the upload.

meanwhile you may still be able to access the cvs following the instructions at,1088.msg11079.html#msg11079

I'll try it out and post a follow-up.


yup, it works for me (TM)  :cool:

If you don't mind me asking, what's your interest ?


I am a developer just getting into cocoa by reading the Hillegass book, so would like to see some real code, and maybe contribute at some point.



I'm back to work on this project. I've read here in the forum that Adam wanted to switch to svn and got stuck. Should I try to import the latest cvs status to sf?

Regards ergo