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Problems with the vouch/ complain commands

Started by BGrote, October 30, 2010, 02:54:46 PM

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Hi there,
i have a problem with the vouch and complain commands. As I want to vouch for the good ones and complain about droppers, i wanted to complain about someone i played who dropped. He had 0 XP, i was far in front/ a good position, then he quit and did not come back (because of this i got several not finished games - entries...). As i click "complain about..." the computer complains about a player i played that game before. So that was not intended from me!!! I thought it would complain about the actual player i played. The same with the vouch command: As i wanted to vouch for someone i played it vouchs for the player i played before. And if the person is not online, i wont find him in the player data to mark him. So what is the way to complain/ vouch with 3D Fibs?

PS: The guy i wrongly complained is Platino, a nice fellow i told about that incident, is it possible to put that complaint back?


right click on players name, select repbot, then select action desired (complain, vouch, etc)

if player is not online, you can use the command line (tell repbot help for more info)


Thx a lot, now i get it, looks like i marked someone and invited to play, then i got an invitation myself and the one i played before was still marked ;) ...