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Don wins Mano's pics tourney (500)

Started by badspellr, August 30, 2004, 05:03:22 AM

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Congatulations to Don for winning Mano's Pics tourney.  Don played flawlessly (at least in my feeble eye) in the final, thrashing me by a score of 13-4.  

Special thanks to Mano for directing.  In addition to the cool format, I am greatful to him for allowing me and hypnosa to postpone our match well past the deadline to accomade for our vacations.  

A deserving champion for a great tourney!   :cool:  


I have to say that for the fun, the originality of the idea of a picture-tourney, and the general good sportsmanship, my hat is off to mano for running a great tourney.  Every player I met was fair, friendly and fun.  Every match I played was with a courteous player.  I admit to being intimidated by a player who sleeps with a backgammon book in the semi-finals, but I'm mostly curious about the fish-eye lens through which I viewed badspellr as we played.  Was it a rear-view mirror?

So many string dimensions, so little space time...