howdy HNY 2023
just sorting out Fibsboard a bit basically archiving it & updating the software to protect the database

let me know of any problems/ideas thx

should be easier to view on mobile devices now that's it's a more responsive design

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Started by diane, December 05, 2010, 07:52:07 PM

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I seem to have adverts all over the place..cluttering everything..did my subscription run out, or has something changed?
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sry I am currently doing maintenance -including the various membergroups - v. messy >7 hrs today :( ) try a reload......

VIP Donors have fewer ads/donation requests which gives faster page loading (i do turn them on from time to time when the  spaces are used for informing, but they should be off for all VIPs now -- please let me know if welcome area ads and between posts ads are still showing -- i may have a problem here sry )

we have had 14 VIP Donors this year many thx --we are very grateful

if you have meant to donate, but haven't got around to it so far -- now would be a good time, as all our costs have risen, and i need to save for some new equipment - my computers were second hand, when i got em >6 years ago! they are now pretty full up -- we do local backups, as well as online here..

i have been able to respond to various problems throughout the year fairly quickly, and i trust you find the forum adequately fast, given the amount of info that has to load. Also quick response and timely upgrades has meant our downtime has been much reduced this year so far!

to donate click here ( even a pint is helpful and much appreciated and allows us not to to have to rely on too much advertising - cheers)


apologies there may be a problem with all the upgrades upsetting a hitherto stable mod i was using to allow VIPs to avoid ads in certain areas.. am working on it --but its late 4am so am gonna crash now


grrrrrr will try n fix it this week if i get time..sry :mad: :unhappy: :cry: :(


maybe sorted -- could VIPs let me know if they are seeing ads in the welcome area or between posts thx  or any other wierdness :)

damn its nearly 5am :blink:

do logout occasionally -- and check out what is seen by regular members guests and admin btw  - it shouldn't be too cluttered - and donation requests are rotated randomly along with info sites eg "Transform"

i may turn VIP ad areas on for a short while over xmas, for special appeals - like 'shelterbox' and the like or for when i put up the xmas decorations :)