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major server move done

Started by stog, August 08, 2016, 09:48:57 PM

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major server move done -- pls let me know of any problems bad links etc thx stog

"my main concern when doing this major update has been to preserve all the posts, messages, photos and info from over 14 years and i think we've managed that, but i've had to design a new look, as our old theme was not an option -- i hope you like it -- it has taken a long time to do -- my test site for the upgrade was begun 3 years ago"


New Forum Software on a new server so there will be some transition and differing layouts and themes. We hope you like it. Very busy at the moment so will sort stuff as and when i can. Enjoy. Not all Links Articles* and Menus complete yet -- please bear with us -- thx stog (Remember Register for the Full Fibsboard photos diagrams articles etc)
*Articles got really mashed in the upgrade so am having to 'fix' each one individually -- so it might take a few months


added some of the things we had on the old forum -- but things that needed some hacking, one was the mod that allows us to display and read the fibsboard forum matches from the first game of a match (although when they were live and underway, their most recent posts were ordered at the top.

also added a spoiler tag for posts, and re-installed the Membermap.

another was this [bouncy] here [/bouncy]