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Do you play online backgammon for money?

Started by MND, March 14, 2005, 02:52:03 PM

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neither Fibs or Fibsboard support either of these sites, nor do we receive any money from them.

we at Fibsboard provide this board for folks to provide info on servers other than Fibs and it would seem by the replies and this poll that most people would suggest you stay well clear of these money sites


I should note that user Onlinebackgammonmoney is listed as "Doner(sic)/Advertiser".  I'm not sure what that means in practical terms.


yes it will be interesting to see what he says about the money sites -- his signature advertises his site of money site links

We are supported by Advertising here on Fibsboard, as well as Donations.

we do make a small charge/£5 donation for requested commercial signatures and smallads here on Fibsboard, but obviously the content must be bone fide, and if found not to be so, will be removed. (we have only 1 donor/advertiser at present, as most are removed at birth)

i have not much experience of BG money sites and would not personally recommend them, but some folks do use them*, as this poll seems to prove, and any information recommending the better ones is perhaps useful to Fibsboarders, albeit that it has to be correct and updated, as the sites are often bought up, or change

* attached s/shot of poll as of sept 5, 2012