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R bots rigged? asks Caliman

Started by stog, January 30, 2009, 09:48:22 AM

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Caliman asks....(submitted as article but moved to forum)

Patterns in play with the fibs bots; consecutive and incessant doubles, 'lucky' rolls and suicidal games.

After playing the fibs bots approx 100 points I have noticed some unusual patterns. 7 consecutive doubles ? They play fast almost instantaneously until they are on the backfoot. Then they slow down (even a pause of 10 seconds) and da da! They roll the exact dice required usually to not only get on par but to make a take and regain the advantage. Then the doubles kick in. I have no gripe with losing the points I was interested in how they played as I am a novice nowhere near up to the standard required to beat any accomplished player. I have beaten the bots even gammoned them but they seem to be on a suicide mission when this happens! Are fibs bots directly connected/associated with fibs itself? Im not whinging about losing just interested in other players experiences with them. Tom has stated the bots ARE 'lucky' sometimes but we all are. I just wish I was as lucky as often!


Quote from: stog on January 30, 2009, 09:48:22 AM
After playing the fibs bots approx 100 points...

100 points is nothing. Keep playing. Open your eyes and look for your own luck. You'll see it. You may not always play it well, though. The bots always play their luck well. ;)


The only thing the bots are rigged to do is to maximise the number of rolls which will work for them and thus be "lucky" and minimise the number of "unlucky" ones. They'll do exactly the reverse with their opponents' rolls - "clever" these damn bots!

Anyone remember the title of Kit(?)'s book on playing against nets?