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Game 6, move 2 : Forum 5-1

Started by diane, May 12, 2010, 09:39:07 PM

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Forum, blue, to move 5-1

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Moving the runner up to the bar point is asking to be hit.  We'll just be on the bar with another builder or two in range.  nah.

I don't think playing behind his anchor is productive.  By process of elimination, that leaves 13/8 for the five. Where to play the one?  Slotting the five looks better than slotting our bar point, the question is whether it's better than 24/23. I dunno.  I think I'll go for the slot.

13/8 6/5


I think clem has the right idea here. That play unstacks the fat 6pt and the obese midpoint, slots a useful point and keeps the shots to a minimum. If White hits he has to give up his anchor to do it. 6-1 and 3-1 are numbers with which he will hit, but only at the cost of refraining from making a great point on the other side of the board. 24/23, 13/8 has the merit of keeping the blots down to one, but doesn't offer us any extra chance of improvement for next turn. It's probably a good alternate, but let's try to look like a player!