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Fibs League Masters 2010

Started by dorbel, April 29, 2011, 06:29:02 PM

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The Final match of the 2010 Masters Tournament will start on Monday 2nd of May at 1800 UTC. It is the best of three 9 point matches and will feature Schigolch of Germany versus dorbel of the UK.
Shigolch defeated BluNick (Italy), BushSucks (Germany) and MasonVerger (Germany) on his way to the final, while dorbel came through against Magic_One (USA), runnerup (Germany) and jdg (Canada). You can see the full bracket at and past winners at
Watchers are very welcome, but comments must be confined to the whisper command.
The winner will play an exhibition match later in the year against Stick Rice (USA).
Applause and kudos as ever for Tomawaky for hosting Fibsleagammon, which goes from strength to strength. Thanks Franck!


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the start of this match has been rescheduled for Tuesday 3rd of May at 1800UTC.


A small gallery watched the first match, won by dorbel. The match is available for download on the fibsleague site. The next match will be played on Friday at 1500UTC. Watchers welcome, whisper only please.