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Game 7, move 17: Herd 1-1

Started by diane, October 22, 2013, 09:05:21 PM

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Some of these 1's are obvious..the others..less so  ;)
Never give up on the things that make you smile


Yet another roll that shows why my 6-5 was so bad.

Had I stepped out with both, the best play would have been hitting 2 which would have left me with 12 immediate gammonish rolls (any 2 and aces).

And this is why people who complain about their bad luck when playing backgammon are so often entirely off base.  Sure, aces was a lucky roll for you guys.  But my bad play made it much luckier than it would otherwise have been.

Btw, there is another reasonable play - one of my top 3.


Ah well, too late to comment helpfully... voted in the rush to get out of the door to work. 5/4*/2 13/12 for me - absolutely wrong to leave a game-losing shot, keep men in front of the gap so we still have plenty of plays to fill it (3/2(2) wastes one behind), and a double-shot back if the hit man tries to hop out with 54 or 64 as our racing position is shaky.