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Tigergammon Tourneys / Re: Tigergammon Sensuous Saturday 3/5 Tourney
« Last post by socksey on February 13, 2016, 08:49:47 PM »
13 Feb 16

Supreme Champion:    rebbeler
Worthy Adversary:       socksey
3rd place tie:              Nyo
Improving your backgammon skills / It is live! Backgammon Studio 2.5!
« Last post by PillowFighter on February 11, 2016, 07:40:23 PM »

Another batch of sweet improvements to Backgammon Studio! :-)

Backgammon Studio 2.5

Improvements since 2.4:
  • Several new training tracks:
    • Ace ace baby! Hitting on the ace is often easy to overlook as it usually isn't the point you want to make but perhaps you should?
    • Graveyard! Burying a checker is a painful move to make but perhaps you have to?
    • Candlesticks! Play safe and create some ugly looking candlesticks or are there better options?
    • Home improvement! Improve your home board or not?
    • Backend bombshell! Clear from the back or not?
    • Breakup 2! Breaking up is hard to do! Break up your prime or not? Time is ticking!
  • Two new action tags:
    • Candlesticks or not
    • Clear from the back or not
  • Score throws now contain second roll rollouts.
  • Quick action menu: Jump directly to different sections of the database by clicking on icons at the bottom.
  • Customize quick action menu by adding the sections that you find most interesting.
  • Bookmark import facelift. Better looking and showing which bookmark folder the bookmarks (positions) will be imported into.
  • Also an option to specify a new folder that bookmarks will be imported into.
  • Internet Explorer got a bit of love and dragging dialogs should now work fine there.
  • New menu selection will pop up if you have never selected any. The default option might not be the best choice for all types of displays.
  • Blast from the past! All matches that were found for 2003 has been added to the database. The first World Champion from Norway: Jon Krisian R°yset won this year!
  • Import matches facelift. Now you can also specify an override year in case matches have been analyzed at later date than when they were played.
  • Position forum no longer contains match comments as they were drowning out user comments.
  • You can now select all matches where one of the players is from a specified country.
  • Friends! You can now get some friends in Backgammon Studio too! This is really just a way to enable chatting with other players and sending messages.
  • +a couple bugfixes. Can't remember any interesting ones though...

Some images

With the addition of second throw rollouts you can now click on second roll positions and open the score throw dialog (Hm.. awkward name? Perhaps it will be called 'Checker plays' soon..) and get information on the different possibilities. Clicking on one of the dice combinations will will open the rollout data. This is now displayed in a separate dialog instead of overwriting the match data. Clicking on one of these results will update the evaluation window as expected.

A big thanks to David Rockwell for provding the data! Since the data was provided for free (and doesn't tax the server much) it is available for everyone to use.

With an endless amount of features in Backgammon Studio going through the menu system many levels until you find what you want can be tedious. There is now an option to set up a quick action menu with the most interesting sections/actions on the the server. I went a bit overboard and added most of the options that are available but a more sane aproach is to just add a few of the more interesting ones. Click on the + button to start adding your favourite sections/actions.

Position import and match import got a facelift and some added functionality.

Drag and drop of dialogs didn't work very well in Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge. Now it should work fine. Until I accidentally break it again! Use it while it works! :-)

Press material section! Just contains a flyer for Backgammon Studio. Love the product and spread the word! :-)

Two new action tags.

Click on a flag and all matches where one player is from this country is displayed. There are a few players I don't know the nationality of but that crowd is rapidly shrinking.

Friends! Open up a chat with a player on your friends list and chat away! It should also persist even if you move around other sections of the server.

When sending a message your friend will get a notification which is easier to spot as it shows up outside the browser. If your friend happens to be offline the message is stored and viewable in the friends section. I have to add a "You have x messages." type of message when you log in to make the user aware of new messages.

Fancy menu select dialog with some useful tips as to which alternative to go for.

A similar one for quick action menu select. This one is actually already outdated as this one used up too much screen space which is only ok for big displays.

Feedback is more than welcome! Likes, dislikes, suggestions, whatever! :-)

Worth a try!

Best regards,
Tigergammon Tourneys / Re: Tigergammon FreakyFriday Tourney
« Last post by socksey on January 29, 2016, 08:57:56 PM »
29 Jan 16

Supreme Champion:    Phaedrus
Worthy Adversary:        rebbeler
3rd place tie:               zbilbo
Improving your backgammon skills / There is more? Backgammon Studio 2.4! :-)
« Last post by PillowFighter on January 29, 2016, 02:23:45 PM »

The improvements are piling up so I have to release another update:

Backgammon Studio 2.4

Improvements since 2.3:
  • Several new challenges (training tracks if you like):
    • The End! Less than 6 checkers left! Time for one last mistake!
    • 3rd roll checker 2! 3rd roll! Too early to make a big mistake? And now the clock is ticking!
    • Opening reply 2! Can you handle the opening replies to perfection? And now the clock is ticking!
    • Battlefront! Slot the front of opponent prime or not? Dangerous but sometimes a must!
    • Great escape! Escape a prime or hang back and wait for a better opportunity?
  • Match video support - You can now open up a video dialog and play a recorded video of the match while playing through the match in Backgammon Studio looking at the XG evaluation as you go along. This requires that the match video has been linked up to the match.
  • 97 videos has so far been added to Backgammon Studio (played through youtube).
  • You can expand/shrink the video to fit your needs. Overlaying the video over the board but keeping the pipcount visible seems like a good choice.
  • Multi part video is supported. You get buttons below the video window to jump between video segments.
  • Match video filter - You can now choose to only display matches that have a video link in the Matches/Play section.
  • Less than n checkers left - You can now also specify if one or both sides should have a specified, greater or less amount of checkers left.
  • You can now enable notifications so that if you are in a different browser window you will see when someone challenges you to a duel.
  • Moving a match to a new tournament in your private database if it didn't have a proper tournament name to begin with.
  • Evaluation can now be updated on already uploaded matches if the XG evaluation is found to be poor.
  • Improved hitting throws dialog.
  • The amount of match players is growing very large so now there is a section for selecting your favorite players.
    • Select all players from one country.
    • Select all players from the Backgammon Giants list.
    • Select/deselect individual players.
  • Blast from the past! All matches that were found for 2006, 2005 and 2004 has been added to the database.
  • +Many bugfixes. Most interestingly the cube action now shows the correct error depending on who did the cube error if you specify only seeing errors made by one player.

Some images

I found this to be the most convenient way of playing a video while watching the XG evaluation. Click on the match you want to see and then move the dialog over the board keeping the pipcount visible. Start the video and then click in the move list to activate it. Now you can click down-arrow (on desktop, click forward button on devices) to move forward in the match following the action in the video.

In the Matches/Play section there is a new column on the rightmost side where you can click on the checkbox to only display matches with match videos attached. You can also play the video directly from here if you want.

An example of notifications. You need to accept the notification request that you receive when visiting the page if you want to see these. I guess it could be used for other purposes. When a potential duel opponent logs in?...

New hitting throws dialog. I suspect that this could be expanded upon perhaps adding some sort of probability calculator. This also revealed a bug as you can see in the picture. If 3-1 hits then so does 1-3. I was blissfully unaware of this problem until it got displayed like this. It is fixed now. The dialog also automatically updates when you move forward in the match.

There is now a lot of match players and scrolling through the rather long dropdown is a bit tedious so limiting this to a handful of players can come in handy.

You can manage your own list of favorite players adding/removing them to fit your preference.

I haven't identified which country every match player in the database is from and there is a way to locate those. Go to the Player overview section and click on the Select country button. There is now a question mark button there (I see I need to fix the alignment there...):

which will display all players with an unknown country. If you know where some of these players are from let me know! I use gridgammon and chicagopoint as sources for finding this info but only when the number of matches for one player is getting large (4-5+).

In other news

There is a new guy in town! Atrifix is just crushing all opposition on my server!

I am amazed how quickly the titles have fallen into Atrifix hands! Faster than I am able to create new ones! Well done! :-)

Other news: There is now over 3000 matches in the database even after I made an effort and removed 30+- duplicate matches. Matches that had different names and were analyzed by different users (I suspect) were able to slip through my defenses but I was able to come up a way to root them out.

Backgammon Studio is coming along nicely! :-)

I am sure you will be able to run into a problem or two (I don't too much time testing every browser/device combination out there) but if you inform me about your problem I'll do everything to help you out!

Did I forget to mention that some of the features/challenges are limited to premium users? Oh the cruelty I am able to come up with! Hehe.. but there is still a lot of fun (and available to all) content to explore there!

Feedback is also more than welcome! Likes, dislikes, suggestions, whatever! :-)

Worth a try!

Best regards,
Using backgammon software / Re: BG Blitz Pro import and export?
« Last post by FrankBerger on January 24, 2016, 04:24:36 PM »
Can Backgammon Blitz Pro 2.7.3 import?  If so, I cannot figure out which menu item would do this. Also, the file conversion menu has no choice for converting to BG Blitz format.

sorry I overlooked your post  :blush:

Do you want to import a match in the database? If yes, you'll find it at "Match-Database / import"
If you want to convert a match use "File / Convert File"  Both things are in the free version.

BTW if you want to be sure to get an answer fast, just drop me a mail.

Tigergammon Tourneys / Re: Tigergammon Sensuous Saturday 3/5 Tourney
« Last post by socksey on January 23, 2016, 08:47:50 PM »
23 Jan 16

Supreme Champion:    zbilbo
Worthy Adversary:      Phaedrus
3rd place tie:               socksey
Fibsleagammon / Re: FLG Masters and Ratings
« Last post by stog on January 23, 2016, 12:44:32 AM »
thx Tom -- i see you have re-instated the Masters' Points Rankings

Tigergammon Tourneys / Re: Tigergammon FreakyFriday Tourney
« Last post by socksey on January 22, 2016, 09:01:59 PM »
22 Jan 16

Supreme Champion:    socksey
Worthy Adversary:      zbilbo
3rd place tie:               Phaedrus
Tigergammon Tourneys / Re: Tigergammon Sunday MiniMatches
« Last post by socksey on January 17, 2016, 08:45:39 PM »
17 Jan 16

Supreme Champion:    socksey
Worthy Adversary:        rebbeler
3rd place tie:               CaroLine
F.I.B.S. general support / points played and percentage with bots
« Last post by godwinson on January 17, 2016, 01:16:58 PM »
I have played nearly 50K points on FIBS, mostly with bots.  My points played against bots and percentage (wins) does not update.  My own points played does.  Any suggestions for updating the former?
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