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Backgammon / I made a dice simulator app for backgammon, what you guys think?
« Last post by Gerard_82 on June 05, 2017, 01:58:50 AM »
A problem I encountered a few times while playing backgammon in the beach and other locations was the risk of losing one's pair of dice and the inconvenience of throwing them on an uneven surface. So I designed and programmed a dice simulator intended for backgammon among other boardgames. It's not meant to replace traditional dice and I'm sure many people would stay loyal to a real pair, but feel free to give it a try, I'm open for any suggestion. The app is made for iOS and you can check it here (it's free): Don't hesitate in giving me back suggestions, I hope you like it!
General Chit Chat / wat is the best backgammon for windows 10 pc which is "live"
« Last post by ZAKARI on June 02, 2017, 11:38:06 PM »
Improving your backgammon skills / 6000 matches!
« Last post by PillowFighter on May 31, 2017, 08:47:29 AM »

The other day I noticed that the number of matches in the database was getting close to 6000 matches to I made a little push and dusted off some old matches that weren't present in the database and oh hey! 6000 matches! :-)

Actually it is a bit above that now as Bob Wachtel sent me his last matches from the Worldwide Trophy Tbilisi tournament and a couple of other matches. Bob, Timur Azizov, János Csendes, Levan Kareli, Bakar Matikashvili and Karen Sarkisyan have all contributed to a great collection of matches from this tournament this year! Thanks a lot!

Worldwide Trophy Tbilisi has claimed the second spot in the tournament list that has generated the most transcribed matches this year only surpassed by Gothenburg Open! Pretty sweet! :-) This yearly tournament overview is also a feature I added a couple of days ago (go to menu/tournaments and select 2017 in the year dropdown). And what happens if you click on any of these tournament buttons? Head over to Backgammon Studio and find out! :-)

It looks like several tournaments have some great potential for improving their position in this list. If you happen to have a few matches played in any of these tournaments you know what to do!

And today the number of online matches played on Backgammon Studio also reached 6000! Pretty sweet! :-)

I see some of the top players haven't gotten around to raising their flag just yet (don't be shy!) but I suspect the US and Denmark does have some presence at the top. Who could have guessed? :-)

One of the unique differences with playing matches on Backgammon Studio as opposed to other online play sites is that the ranking list is based on average PR (you can sort it on other criteria if you wish) and I think that changes the focus a bit towards playing as well as you can instead of just playing for wins. At least that is the case for me and I suspect for many others. Win or lose is usually up to the dice but playing well is entirely up to you.

And there is perhaps an additional feature or two on Backgammon Studio which you won't find anywhere else! While I haven't collected enough new features to up the version number one new feature is so sweet it can't wait! Saved queries:

You can set up an interesting search and then save it for later. The same saved queries work in your private database as in the public database. Pretty useful in itself but I can think of a few other amusing uses: Custom week in review categories and custom training tracks could be pretty sweet to add.

I have also made an introduction video for this feature: Saved search queries

While you wait for another version update you can check out other interesting improvements in the Improvements section. or check out the Backgammon Studio facebook group.

Don't miss out and head over to Backgammon Studio today! The swiss army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,

PS. Several users have tried to register with an invalid email address which would result in the confirmation email failing to be delivered. If you never heard anything back from your attempt to register you can just email me directly: and I'll help you out!
3DFibs / Re: GetRegsettings
« Last post by john21wall on May 25, 2017, 12:20:53 PM »
Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out!
Improving your backgammon skills / Worldwide Trophy 2017 Tbilisi matches
« Last post by PillowFighter on May 20, 2017, 09:15:12 AM »

The Worldwide Trophy 2017 Tbilisi, Georgia has come up with another trophy! A lot of transcribed matches! :-)

Bob Wachtel (2.68) - Konstantin Bartach (6.23) 9pt Nations Cup 2017 R3 v Russia II

Bob Wachtel (2.81) - Suren Karatorosyan (2.56) 9pt Nations Cup 2017 R2 v Armenia

Bogidar Iliev (4.37) - Tobias Hellwag (3.66) 9pt Nations Cup 2017 R4

Juergen Orlowski (5.21) - Falafel (8.46) 9pt Nations Cup 2017 Israel vs Germany

Karen Sarkisyan (2.25) - Volker Sonnabend (3.69) 9pt Worldwide Trophy Tbilisi 5-16-2017

Karen Sarkisyan (2.69) - Sevdalin Tzvetanon (3.99)  9pt Worldwide Trophy Tbilisi 5-17-2017 M2

Karen Sarkisyan (2.84) - Mohammadreza Moeinfar (8.52) 9pt Worldwide Trophy Tbilisi 5-16-2017

Karen Sarkisyan (4.19) - Mohammadreza Moeinfar (4.44) 9pt Worldwide Trophy Tbilisi 5-18-2017

Karen Sarkisyan (4.30) - Sevdalin Tzvetanon (3.95) 9pt Worldwide Trophy Tbilisi 5-15-2017 M1

Karen Sarkisyan (4.60) - Wayne Felton (8.51) 9pt Worldwide Trophy Tbilisi 5-16-2017

Levan Kareli (3.25) - Bogidar Iliev (8.95) 9pt Worldwide Trophy Tbilisi 2017-05-17

Levan Kareli (6.65) - Edik Nazaryan (2.53) 9pt Worldwide Trophy Tbilisi 2017-05-14

Sergey Erokhin (2.56) - Bakar Matikashvili (3.35) 9pt Worldwide Trophy Tbilisi 2017-05-19

Simon Pankvelashvili (3.00) - Tobias Helwag (6.18) 9pt Nations Cup 2017 R4

Simon Pankvelashvili (3.99) - Khachik Melikyan (3.46) 9pt Worldwide Trophy Tbilisi 2017-05-16

Tim Cross (5.46) - Bob Wachtel (3.05) 9pt Nations Cup 2017 R1 v England

Tobias Hellwag (6.30) - Simon Pankvelashvili (2.88) 9pt Worldwide Trophy Tbilisi 2017-05-16

Tobias Helwag (2.91) - Roohollah Amiri Andy (7.29) 9pt Nations Cup 2017 R1

Tobias Helwag (5.15) - Atsamaz Arsagov (5.55) 9pt Nations Cup 2017 R5

Wayne Felton (2.88) - Massoud Aghdan (8.73) 9pt Nations Cup 2017 R2

Sweet! And some very impressive PR performances from backgammon players which I have to admit I am rather unfamiliar with! Awesome! :-)

A big thanks to Bob Wachtel, Janos Csendes and Bakar Matikashvili for providing these matches!

If you have more matches from this tournament don't hesitate to send them to me and I'll publish them on Backgammon Studio!

Backgammon Studio The swiss army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,

PS: The name information was a bit lacking so I had to do a bit of google/facebook search to locate the correct ones. I think I got it right but if not let me know!

PS2: I am missing the nationality of a couple of players: Bakar Matikashvili (Georgia?), Edik Nazaryan (Armenia? and is the name correct?), Massoud Aghdam.
Improving your backgammon skills / Backgammon Studio 3.9
« Last post by PillowFighter on May 09, 2017, 02:48:15 PM »

I have been having a lot of fun playing online matches on Backgammon Studio (and watching some awesome videos from Nordic Open!) but I have managed to scrape together a few more improvements:

Backgammon Studio 3.9

Improvements since 3.8:

  • New actiontags:
    • Hit and run or not
    • Hit and switch or not
  • New training tracks:
    • Anchor away! Is now the time to drop anchor and make a run for it? Risky!
    • Fighter! You are on the bar against a 4 point board. Surely you must drop?
    • Anchor cubes! Opponent has an anchor. Reason to worry or cube anyway?
    • Pointless doubles! You only have a 1 point board. Pointless to cube or perhaps not?
  • A truckload of 10s and 20s training tracks added.
  • Interface cleanup! Several sections are now dialogs (works better on phones). Some actions moved to different locations.
  • The cleanup also removed two fairly obsolete menu options horizontal and hidden. Classic menu just survived!
  • Interviews video section and a new section for videos.
  • Pin dialogs to page. Several dialogs can now be pinned to the page so they won't close when you click on a button inside the dialog.
  • Bronstein clock add is separate from bank. Suggested by denominator.
  • Icon for playing a match. Suggested by denominator.
  • Player profiles! You can now add some profile information about yourself. Suggested by MishyPoo.
  • Link to player profiles from the match champions list.
  • You can set different background colors between main and private database. Suggested by NPW.
  • Match chat - observers and players of a match can use this chat.
  • Improved use of gnu evaluation. Thanks to Marc Olsen for detecting this!
  • Some countries are unable to use paypal (Turkey and perhaps others). IBAN number provided.
  • TCTC is also used for take/drop challenge. Suggested by Hall.
  • Clicking on a name in the match champions list will display your head-to-head performance against this player.
  • A couple of users started to abort classic challenges in the middle only to restart directly afterwards. Mysterious. Now unless you complete a classic challenge you will have to wait 1 month until you can try it again.
  • In the tournaments section if you click on a tournament you can check how many matches there are for each year.
  • Reassigned shortcut keys to be more consistent: ctrl-c: challenges, ctrl-m: matches, ctrl-v: videos, ctrl-s: statistics, ctrl-a: my actions, ctrl-o: other actions.
  • Bugfixes:
    • A couple of dialogs didn't switch to fullscreen dialog on mobile (friends list and users list).
    • A search query using match id was ambiguous.
    • Possible fix for not triggering thumbnail generation. Reported by Mochy.
    • Possible fix for out of order double action.
Some images

New training tracks! Sweet! :-) I have located a few more missing 10s training tracks so they are now in sync with the main ones. 76 in total!

Interface cleanup! Perhaps the most noticeable are that some sections have become dialogs. And you can pin many dialogs so they won't disappear when you click on a button inside it.

MishyPoo was looking for someone and asked if there were more information available but there weren't any. Now there is! If you would like to add some info about yourself please do!

If you are playing a speedgammon match you may want to know how much time you have in the bank. This works best with a separate bronstein clock add part. Suggested by denominator.

If you invite someone to a match from other locations than the lobby you may not know if this player is already playing a match or not. Now this is visible as a separate icon in the users list (ctrl-u). Suggested by denominator.

It is nice to put a face to the names in the database and interviews is a great way to learn more about a player. Thanks a lot to those who make an effort to create these videos!

It is now possible for the players of an online match to chat with the observers of a match. Could come in handy in certain situations.

Known issues

  • On Internet Explorer clicking in input fields may not show the cursor unless you double click. This appears to be an IE bug.
  • Firefox may have some problems with blinking board. I am not able to see it on my desktop but I did see it on my laptop. I updated firefox and the problem went away. That might be the solution for you too. If not give Chrome a try.

Other news

Almost 5000 online matches have been played on Backgammon Studio so far! Somebody must like it! :-) The swiss army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,
Backgammon / Backgammon Page of the Week Bear off cube action
« Last post by stog on April 23, 2017, 01:35:06 PM »
Bear off cube action

slideshow & explanations
Improving your backgammon skills / Backgammon Studio 3.8
« Last post by PillowFighter on April 11, 2017, 02:08:09 PM »

Backgammon Studio keeps improving and today I have updated the version number to 3.8 with these fine improvements:

Backgammon Studio 3.8

Improvements since 3.7:

  • New actiontags:
    • Make an anchor or make a point - Suggested by Aurélien Bonnet.
    • Give up anchor for a hit or not
  • New positiontags:
    • Opponent has an outfield blot.
    • You have an outfield blot.
  • New training tracks:
    • Anchor cubed! You have an anchor and have been cubed! Surely you can take anything?
    • Opposer! Slotting the 18 point can sometimes disrupt your opponents plans. Is now the time?
    • Outfielder! Send a checker into the opponent outfield and pray that it survives? Could be worth a try!
  • Introduction videos! A lot of introduction videos has been created to the different sections on Backgammon Studio.
  • Educational videos! A new section with an overview of educational videos found on youtube.
  • Incomplete match poke! The number of incomplete matches is growing rapidly in the database. Use this to get this number down!
  • Large stacks with numbers should be displayed better now and also on images/thumbnails of positions.
  • Added option to remove friends.
  • More text area clear (thrashcan) buttons.
  • You can now turn off the error feedback sounds while keeping other sounds. These can hurt a bit!
  • Online DMP Champs! The online match PR list has been split into another section for DMP matches.
  • Online Speed Champs! The online match PR list has been split into another section for Speed matches.
  • Share positions on facebook.
  • Timed training tracks now with more time! 20 seconds to come up with the right answer. Still not easy! Suggested by Michael Krakus.
  • Week in review: position filters.
  • Bugfixes:
    • If you managed to get more than 6 checkers on the bar the board graphics would break down. I did! :-)
    • You could drag&drop (tablets) checkers onto an oppoent 2+ stack. Server would reject the move as invalid anyway. Thanks Shahab!
Some images

You can now compete for the DMP champion title!

A lot of matches have been played on Backgammon Studio which is cool! But a lot of incomplete matches have also piled up. Now you can poke your opponents in these matches too.

More sweet training tracks!

A lot of cool educational videos out there on youtube! Some of them are rather hard to find so I made a section which makes them easier to find.

There are now 100 action tags which I think is pretty cool!

2 more positiontags!

Week in review got a couple of new position filters.

Over 3800 matches played on Backgammon Studio! Awesome!

There is a new Tournament champ in town and it isn't me! Sux! Must fix! :-)

I have made a few (32+) introduction videos on different sections on Backgammon Studio.

All in all I think Backgammon Studio is making good progress but now it is time for Nordic Open! Oh yes! :-) The swiss army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,

I have made a few more introduction videos and also remade the two first ones. Now with more sound! :-)

Introduction and registration:


Training tracks:

Online matches:

Board settings:

Home screen:

Action training:

Cube training:

Opening training:

Classic challenges:

More challenges:

Annotated matches:

Investigating positions:

More board actions:

Board search:

View errors part 1:

View errors part 2:

View errors part 3:

Private database part 1:

Private database part 2:

Importing challenges:




I suspect I have to remake video 3 to 7 also at some point.  The swiss army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,

Improving your backgammon skills / Backgammon Studio introduction videos
« Last post by PillowFighter on March 24, 2017, 03:07:26 PM »

On popular demand (Maria Petrova Rolovic and Hall Skĺra have at least mentioned it) I have started to create some introduction videos of the different features on Backgammon Studio. There are a ton of features so this will take some time! The 8 first videos are ready though.

You can find them from a link on the front page before you log in or visit:

I should have Morgan Freeman do the audio and Mochy do the playing as I did some huge errors when I recorded the videos! But it just shows that I need Backgammon Studio more than anyone! :-) The swiss army knife of backgammon!

Best regards,
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