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hi this is an experiment using the random image folder (used on the front page for images) - this time to provide a random tarot card reading-take with a pinch of salt though :) --

only problem is, we are in effect, using 10 packs of cards: ie duplicates will appear :) ....some work to do then!

for the computer literate among you - perhaps you could provide a solution - i would probably use filemaker where i could script a solution,

load card 1first from random, then card 2, also from random less whatever card 1 was (scripted as 'if card 1 =x, then don't use x for random card pool..etc


ok solved! and my free desktop solution is now at V3!!.(21/3/2009).....(mac os x version now available19/3/2009......huge 70mb!)..... and.......windows version only 11mb with its own support page here

but i suspect there must be an elegant php or web java type solution....can anyone help?

my initial failed webversion is below (click any card and a new random spread of 10 cards appear, only problem was duplicates - solved in desktop edition above)



A Random Image for your delight



A Random Image for your delight



A Random Image for your delight



A Random Card


A Random Image for your delight


/A Random Image for your delight

2A Random Image for your delight
  8A Random Image for your delight
    4A Random Image for your delight   7A Random Image for your delight


0. THE FOOL: Youthful folly, innocence, blinded by ignorance, listen to warnings, the novice.
1. THE MAGICIAN- Self-control, skill, action, taking charge.
2. THE HIGH PRIESTESS- Intuition, wisdom, mysteries, secrets, tenacity.
3. THE EMPRESS: Fertility, abundance, mother, health, kindliness.
4. THE EMPEROR: Willpower, ambition, stability, father, benefactor.
5. THE HIEROPHANT: Marriage, good advice, religion, the higher self, mercy.
6. THE LOVERS: Love, sexual union, beauty, emotional success, trials overcome.
7. THE CHARIOT: The driving force, triumph, war, vengeance, providence.
8. STRENGTH: Fortitude, courage, energy, success, self-discipline.
9. THE HERMIT: Prudence, a lonely spiritual quest, treason, caution, inertia.
10. WHEEL OF FORTUNE: The hand of fate, a turn for the better, luck, destiny, abundance.
11. JUSTICE: The law, truth, balance, control, a contract.
12. THE HANGED MAN: Wisdom in difficulties, self-sacrifice, intuition, initiation, prophesy.
13. DEATH: Transformation, events beyond your control, ending corruption, a new but difficult start, inevitable major changes. (the tarot will not predict an actual death)
14. TEMPERANCE: Management, economy, spirit transcending matter, moderation, wise counsel
15 THE DEVIL: Anger, violence, jealousy, greed, deceit, instinct, sexual passion.
16. THE TOWER: Catastrophe, repossession, ruin, adversity, calamity.
17. THE STAR: Hope, goals, expectations, guiding force,enlightenment, bright prospects.
18. THE MOON: Dark forces, nightmares, illusion, hidden fears, danger overcome through intuition..
19. THE SUN: Happiness, joy, rebirth, freedom, happy marriage, success.
20. THE LAST JUDGEMENT: A major decision, outcome, final result, rebirth, problems overcome.
21. THE WORLD: Successful completion, assured success, recognition, long distance travel, harmony.



The illustration shows the most commonly used divinatory spread called 'The Celtic Cross'. Each position of the cards represents an aspect of the querant's life. If there's a particular question to be asked select a card that most represents the problem and lay it in the significator position under card 1. A person is represented by one of the court cards. If it's a general reading most tend to omit the significator card.




View the cards in the order shown and concentrate on the problem wanting guidance .

The meanings of the positions are interpreted as follows:

Tarot Card 1 Meaning. "This covers him"
This card represents the influences on the inquirer or the theme of the problem.
Tarot Card 2 Meaning. "This crosses him"
These are the obstacle in the way. A positive card will show that there is little opposition- but even the favourable cards have some minor negative symbolism.
Tarot Card 3 Meaning. "This crowns him"
This represents the conscious plans and intentions.
Tarot Card 4 Meaning"This is beneath him"
The card here indicates the persons inner feelings, subconscious desires and state of mind.
Tarot Card 5 Meaning. "This is behind him"
Influences that are passing away are shown by this card. Interestingly sometimes this card represents the nature of the persons life history.
Tarot Card 6 Meaning"This is before him"
This represents the immediate future events.
Tarot Card 7 Meaning"This is himself"
This signifies the inquirer's attitude.
Tarot Card 8 Meaning"This is his environment"
This signifies other peoples attitude to the inquirer and home and work influences.
Tarot Card 9 Meaning. "These are his hopes and fears"
This card is influenced by card three to the left. It shows how his hopes and fears influence his intended goals.
Tarot Card 10 Meaning "This is the outcome"
Or rather the potential outcome if the trends indicated by the cards are adhered to.

this info & more from http://www.psychics.co.uk/tarot/