TourneyBot Command Reference

The most up-to-date reference of TourneyBot commands is the ASCII Reference, which always includes descriptions of all currently implemented commands. However, the HTML reference (this one) is easier to read and provides more details.

Commands currently not-described in HTML version: none (everything up-to-date and in sync with the ASCII version).

Command Groups


<something> A variable command argument.
[something] An optional command argument, you can omit it.
arg1|arg2 Choice command arguments: specify either of the two.
Describes the command syntax
The detailed description of a command
Who can access the command. TourneyBot currently has four levels of access: Everyone, Players, Moderators and Admin. See below.
An example of using the command
Various notes regarding the command
Everyone Everyone The lowest access level - Everyone can access this command.
Player Players Player level access - Tourney players can access this command.
Moderator Moderators Moderator level access - Tourney Directors can access this command.
Admin Admin Admin level access - Only the TourneyBot administrator can access this command.

Tourney Commands

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Last update: 5. 9. 2005