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Tournament 4

Started by Matty, February 14, 2004, 12:20:35 PM

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Hi, Just wondering how I can register for the next tournament?


At this moment people can simply let me know they're interested and I'll be sure to send them an email when registration for 4 begins.

It'll probably be quite soon, but first we need to fix how the brackets are set up first. Our interpretation of the Double Elimination format isn't fairly balanced for people who lose a match early. In tournament 2, for example, noodle won five in a row for a place in the final (and would have won overall with a win in either of his last two matches), whereas dorbel (because of an early loss) had to win a total of ten times to gain the crown.

The Double Elimination format is a slightly odd one, but I think we have to use it since we have just one major prize, and instant knockout is a bit brutal after you've made the effort of registering.


PLease count me in. SOunds like fun even with the slightly unfair format!


I'm in  alef, if you please.


Hi Alef,

if there is still room in the bracket, I would like to play in it also.



Tournament 4 is now open for registration:


Postcard tournaments

Tournament 4 is now starting. Here are the pairings for round 1:

1  rsl vs. burper
2  Kari_Grandi vs. Carolina_Blue
3  joethefish vs. mano
4  Slipshod vs. runfast
5  magic_one vs. spielberg
6  JLee vs. Hardy_whv
7  matty vs. SandyPar
8  wrmom vs. sidie
9  grillbill vs. Wallenstein
10  wingtsun vs. SirLuzalotmore
11  hypnosa vs. LisaS
12  shahgammon vs. Tomawaky
13  doktor_ vs. MadMatt
14  klic vs. masson
15  noodle vs. resipsa
16  amarganth vs. yes


Just curious -- let's suppose I lose to somebody... I send them a postcard.  And then that person goes on to win the tournament.  Must I send them an additional postcard for winning the tournament?



QuoteJust curious -- let's suppose I lose to somebody... I send them a postcard.  And then that person goes on to win the tournament.  Must I send them an additional postcard for winning the tournament?


After consulting the other tournament directors on this issue the concensus seems to be that everyone in the tournament should send the overall winner a card regardless of whether they've already sent them one.

The main point of our little tournaments is that we're playing for postcards rather than ratings or money so it makes sense to not cut back on our "currency". This means everyone  except the overall winner sends three cards: two for losing matches (double elimination) and one to the overall winner.



Sounds perfectly reasonable to me... I'm looking forward to collecting 38 postcards!!!   ;)



It looks like I missed the start of this round, but if someone drops out and a seat frees up, please let me know!  I'd love to get in on the action.


Tournament 5 will open for registration in a week or two, I'll post here to announce the event and also email or message those who've already shown interest.


Congratulations to amarganth for winning tournament 4! He came back from the second bracket to win twice in the final, beating magic_one who is one of the toughest opponents in our tournaments.

Everyone in that tournament please remember to send him a card. He's planning to put all his cards online, so choose carefully. In a month's time we'll have a draw from those having sent their cards for the free FIBS t-shirt.


Tournament 5 will close registration this weekend. So be sure to get on board soon :-) only 4 places left.
TDs for this tournament will be wingtsun and noodle.