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Started by Patti, December 31, 2008, 11:23:25 AM

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MissManners is my new pet bot. 

She has one purpose in life.  When you log in, she counts up your saved games.  If you have more than a certain number, she sends you a tell about it.  If you really have a lot, she sends you a more stern warning.  This is an experiment that I'm trying right now-- my intuition is that mobile phone users don't really get good feedback about their saved games, and I want to make that information much more obvious to them.

I'm contemplating having her shout a warning when someone with an obscenely high (like >50) number logs in.  Yea or nay?


This sounds great - a tell to the player to let them know that saved games re tracked might be just what is needed to urge them to stop racking up saved games.

Will the tell also include a help tell to tell them about the 'show saved command' - and will mobile users see the server output from that, otherwise knowing they have lots of saved games, but not who with, may not be so effective in terms of getting matches resumed and finished.

Also, will the saved games information used by Missmanners be more reliable than we previously saw with the saved games list - ie if 25 is a level high enough to get them a gentle tell, but in fact that just means they played  a lot of games yesterday - you might end up with a lot of 'feedback' from that.

Will the saved games data used by Missmanners be visible anywhere - as previously seen?
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I am not sure that you received "tell" when using mobile phone   :jawdropper:
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The number that MissManners gives is spot-on 100% accurate-- the exact same thing as if you'd issued "show saved".

Different mobile clients handle saved games differently, I believe.  Mobile users do get tells, and at least on the Odesys client they're extremely prominent.  It does not include help info about "show saved"... I wanted to keep it brief.


Given that the number will be 100% accurate, I definitely say 'yea', and yea to the shouts for those with very high numbers too, it will save everyone else the bother and have the credibility of being an independent opinion, so to speak  ;)
Never give up on the things that make you smile


OK, as of this afternoon, she shouts something like this:

** Warning!  USER with 65 saved games just logged in.

whenever someone with more than 50 saved games logs in.  For now, consider her experimental.  Feel free to gag her if you don't like the shouts.

And don't automatically assume that everyone she shouts about is evil.  Some of them are probably just victims with poor taste in opponents.


Why not start a poll here Patti?

Yea BTW ;)
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I like it even if it's a bit annoying.  Anything that will makes the phone users and probable droppers more visible is a plus.   :cool:


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A definite Yea from me - wtg Patti.


Why not a poll?  I'd rather have opinions than just yes/no votes.

I made a small change today.  MissManners will only shout about any particular individual once within a ten-minute period.  If someone logs in repeatedly in a short period of time, they won't cause a mini shout-spamfest.


That seems to have made MissManners less annoying.  Maybe that was the problem.  Thx!


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absolutely  a great idea, patti!!
it makes it a bit easier to get a warning/notice/shout as to the ones with lg numbers of saved games..

thanks for your time with all of this, and happy and healthy new year to you
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newbie? huh? meeeeeeeee?