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To our re-subscribers last year.. many thx for your support

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Hi Fibsters,

i will come to the Party next month.Cool

But now i have some special comments:

First, i will say a very very great "thank you" to "HARDY" and also to "Samirah". They both did a lot of, that this Party can happen! Without such "wonderful people" is this "great event" impossible! Wink

Second, i want speak some words to all Fibsters, who have the possibility to read my comment: Last year i got the chance to take the first time part on a Fibs-Party. The party in Basel was very well organized(from Samirah and also from Hardy). I met there lots of nice peolpe who was "crazy in the sense of backgammon"(Please do not misunderstand this strong words)! Finally i will say that i was very amused in meeting such wonderful people from whole over the word(south-africa, great-britain, scotland, the netherlands, switzerland, italy, usa-california and germany). I hope that i did not forget any country...........Innocent

In the end i will say, that we all will have a "lot of fun" at this "great happening"!

I wish every FIBSTERS, especially all the FIBSTERS- whitch will have the time to take part on the FIBS-Party 2007 "the best"!


Pernot_RicardTongue out


Play backgammon online now!


There are several servers to play online backgammon, even for free.

This site is mainly about the First Internet Backgammon Server (F.I.B.S.).

Download FIBS Client Software Here is a beginners guide for F.I.B.S.


To play on Fibs you must first register on the FIBS game server (not on this website).

You can do that by using this form or the client software you downloaded.

If you have registered and don't want to download any software you can click here to play now!


other servers include tigergammon ( port 4321) and melbg (, also port 4321) see here for more info on these newer setups

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