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Game 2 Move 10 Schigolch to move 6-1

Started by ah_clem, December 10, 2009, 03:02:15 AM

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Housekeeping note:

I'll be away for the weekend starting in a few hours. If Schigolch makes his move before ~1700 UTC today then, I can set up the next move.  Otherwise, one of the other moderators will have to take over.  I'll be back around 2300 UTC Sunday and can pick it up again then.

Match file is attatched.  Note that we had a power failure here last night so I had to re enter the last two moves resulting is  the match file looking a little funky.


would someone like to take this on ......
rkb. blitzxz, diane, zorba, ?

many thx --i'm really computer burnt out here and away myself -cheers