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Using backgammon software / GNU issue?
« Last post by Judge on May 09, 2016, 01:54:00 PM »
Only been using GNU for a couple of months, I was playing a match today and this happened.  Can anyone explain the dice here? (see PNG attached)
Tourney Schedule / Re: FIBS Tournament Schedule
« Last post by magic_one on May 04, 2016, 04:06:18 PM »
 :unsure: What about "Aussie Midnight Fun"?   :huh:
Fibsleagammon / Re: FLG Season 75
« Last post by rebayona on May 01, 2016, 08:33:56 PM »
Just to report that for Season 76 on May 1st if I try to report I'll get this message:


I don't know if Tom listened or if there were something wrong it is working now.

Thanks, to whom it concerns.
Gathering of Fibsters / Re: websites and pics of FIBS parties over the years
« Last post by stog on April 30, 2016, 08:31:56 PM »
resh was asking for this link to photos -- there is no folder 'archive' on fibsboard -- webrunner must have removed it (b4 my time)

however this link does have some photos*/*



this one is more complete earlier 2004
Tigergammon Tourneys / Re: Tigergammon FreakyFriday Tourney
« Last post by socksey on April 29, 2016, 08:57:33 PM »
29 Apr 16

Supreme Champion:    socksey
Worthy Adversary:       Phaedrus
3rd place tie:                zbilbo
Improving your backgammon skills / Backgammon Studio 2.8
« Last post by PillowFighter on April 15, 2016, 12:27:39 PM »

I have updated Backgammon Studio with version 2.8 which has a few nice improvements!

Backgammon Studio 2.8

Improvements since 2.7:
  • Action training - Here you can take on increasingly difficult positions that has been tagged with a specific action tag. The equity range gets lower as the level increases.
  • A 4 new training tracks:
    • Warrior! Warrior or worrier? Worry about opponent 5p board or hit anyway?
    • Race roulette! Break contact and go for the race or wait just one more move?
    • Braveheart! Are you brave enough to cube?
    • Jumper! Jump past a checker without hitting or not? Tempting to avoid risk.
  • 12 new timed training tracks:
    • High five 2! Make the 5p or not? Seemingly very simple but sometimes a surprise is lurking!
    • Jumper 2! Jump past a checker without hitting or not? Tempting to avoid risk.
    • Holdup checker 2! Holding game checker play is a cornerstone of middle game play. Practice makes perfect!
    • Holdup 2! Holding game cubes is a common sight. Hone it to perfection!
    • Battlefront 2! Slot the front of opponent prime or not? Dangerous but sometimes a must!
    • The end 2! Less than 6 checkers left! Time for one last mistake! But no time to think!
    • Ace Ace baby 2! Hitting on the ace is often easy to overlook as it usually isn't the point you want to make but perhaps you should?
    • Graveyard 2! Burying a checker is a painful move to make but perhaps you have to?
    • Candlesticks 2! Play safe and create some ugly looking candlesticks or are there better options?
    • Home improvement 2! Improve your home board or not?
    • Backend bombshell 2! Clear from the back or not?
    • Jumper 2! Jump past a checker without hitting or not? Tick tock!
  • Improved blot position tagging with homeboard blot tags
  • Average PR calculation in private DB
  • Answer history: You can go back and check how you did in previous positions.
  • Event info support.
  • You can now search for events and tournaments in the matches list.
  • XG report display. XG match report can be uploaded and attached to a match.
  • Private DB admin user management.
  • Score away search. You can search for errors in positions with a specific score (say 2 away/3 away).
  • Loading spinner is back and displayed in places where the server needs some time to come up with the data.
  • A lot of matches from Denmark added: Nordic Open, XG Masters and danish team tournament.
  • +Some bugfixes.

Some images

This was the Nordic Open bonus feature that I added just after updating to 2.7. It is a good place to start in Backgammon Studio.

Suggested by Andreas Graf.

You can open an XG report for matches where I have uploaded this information. I haven't gone through the almost 4000 matches exporting the report yet so only the most recent matches has a report attached. I emailed Xavier if he was fine with this use (as the copyright is kept I don't think he can refuse) but I haven't received any reply yet.

Suggested by Hall.

It also works on phones but there is a bit of scrolling involved.

More options searching for blots in positions. Here you also see the loading spinner indicating that you have actually clicked on something and the server is working on creating the result.

You can generate the average PR data in your private database. This is perhaps most useful if you are administering a private shared database.

During Nordic Open Mochy mentioned that he was unable to find back to a position he had just seen so I added an option to go back and check your answer history. For new answers what you answered is also marked with a circle where what was played is marked with a checkmark. For older positions only if you answered correct or not was recorded.

Event info is now displayed in the match info dialog. The information entered there can be a bit varying/inconsistent but it is possible to create aliases for these so you can end up with something useful.

If you want to clean up the data in your private database you can add events/XG reports by clicking on the + icon in the match info dialog.

If you click on an event name you can change the event by either merging it with a different event or renaming the event or create a new event. The more consistent this information is the easier it is to locate matches in specific events.

You can open a find event dialog and enter an event name. After the 3 letter you enter some suggestions are displayed. As you can see the above answers could need some aliases.

If you are admin of a private shared database you can add users who should get access to this database.

You can open the match filters section in position search and enter some score away values. It might need some futher refinement but it is a start.

Suggested by Tore.

In other news

The number of matches is growing ever larger (3764 at current count) but there is room for more! :-)

If you have interesting matches you would like to see included in the database please send them to me! I have been transcribing a few youtube matches (hoping they haven't already been transcribed!) and I'll probably do more of this in the future. If you upload a match to youtube you know is somewhat incomplete please add a note in the title (or comment) about this. This will avoid the frustration of those who starts transcribing a match only to find that half the match is missing (or other problems making them less suitable for transcription).

I held a presentation of Backgammon Studio at Nordic Open a couple of weeks ago: Presentation (openoffice format). This can act as an introduction to what Backgammon Studio is all about if you haven't checked out the server before.

Don't miss out on all the fun! :-)

Best regards,
Improving your backgammon skills / Denmark Bonanza!
« Last post by PillowFighter on April 14, 2016, 03:04:07 PM »

Steen Grønbech (Thanks!) gave me access to a couple of treasure troves of awesome matches! His matches from a danish team tournament along with matches from XG Masters. There are too many matches to list here but here are a few highlights:

Danish Team Tournament (18 matches):

Thomas Kristensen (3.46) - Steen Grønbech (2.97):
Thomas Fuglheim (4.88) - Steen Grønbech (1.77):
Steen Grønbech (4.77) - Thomas Myhr (3.78):
Steen Grønbech (2.84) - Lars Trabolt (2.34):

XG Masters (30 matches so far):

Morten Hessner (4.5) - Michael Weile (2.04):
Clement Lessél (4.20) - Peter Friberg (2.74):
Peter Friberg (3.84) - Karsten Bredahl (4.47):

I have more matches from XG Masters to upload so I'll upload them over the next few days.

There are more interesting features to be found after you log in on Backgammon Studio but you can play the above matches from the links without logging in if you wish.

Best regards,
Tigergammon Tourneys / Re: Tigergammon WednesdayHumpDay Tourney
« Last post by socksey on April 13, 2016, 08:58:52 PM »
13 April 16

Supreme Champion:    Phaedrus
Worthy Adversary:       Clayman
3rd place tie:                socksey


I just received a link to some Nordic Open 2016 matches (Thanks Steen!) and have uploaded the first ones from the Champions Main division:

Michael Weile (5.03) - Raj Jansari (5.75) Final:
Michael Weile (5.42) - Volker Sonnabend (5.05) SF:
Mochy (2.79) - Raj Jansari (4.23) R4:
Michael Larsen (3.09) - Michael Weile (5.12) R3:
Mochy (1.86) - Eric McAlpine (6.25) R2:
Lars Trabolt (2.78) - Michihito Kagemaya (3.78) R1:

If you haven't registered a user yet (you should! :-) ) you can play these matches directly from the above links or download the matches and play them locally (look for the disk symbol).

I have also linked up the youtube videos so you can view these while going through the match:

Enjoy! I know that I will! :-)

Best regards,
Improving your backgammon skills / While waiting for Nordic Open matches
« Last post by PillowFighter on April 04, 2016, 10:04:15 AM »


While waiting for a truckload of awesome matches from Nordic Open 2016 I transcribed a couple of matches from Gibraltar Open and a couple of other ones:

Thomas Myhr (3.03) - Michael Larsen (2.84) 15pt  Gibraltar Open 2016-02-13:

Karsten Bredahl (3.94) - Ed OLaughlin (5.39) 11pt Gibraltar Open 2016-02-12:

Flemming Storgaard (7.61) - Mochy (3.86) 17pt Nordic Open 2015 Round of 16:

Mochy (2.09) - Roman Gvenetadze (15.26) 5pt Gogi Bukia 2013.09.15:

Today I got one more match from Nordic Open from Jon Kristian (Thanks!):

Raj Jansari (4.42) - Jon Kristian Royset (3.45) 17pt Nordic Open 2016 Champ R5:

There is one more match from this years Nordic Open I got from Carlo (Thanks!):

Carlo Melzi and Giorgio Castellano (2.85) - Sondre Rike and Terje Petersen (2.02) 7pt Nordic Open 2016 Double Cons 25-03-2016 replay:

If you do have matches that you think could be of general interest don't hesitate to send them to me and I'll add them to the database right away!

For even fresher news check out the facebook group I created for Backgammon Studio:

Best regards,
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