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 on: August 20, 2014, 06:11:57 PM 
Started by manxcat - Last post by Tom
You are right.

We were wrong to make any decision without hearing your side first.

We are very sorry for this misunderstanding.

What can I say? We are human too and we messed up.

sixtie & Tom
TourneyBot and TPR

 on: August 20, 2014, 04:25:39 PM 
Started by manxcat - Last post by manxcat
oh and i will be posting this to the FB page as well ;;-)))

 on: August 20, 2014, 04:25:05 PM 
Started by manxcat - Last post by manxcat
i received this, this morning.

Thomas A. Moulton
To MeRon Blake
Today at 5:31 AM


What the heck was going on with you the night you played jane_n in your TOC match?

From her accounting of what happened, you were quite hateful!

She is a relatively new player, so it is doubtful you have had any run-ins with each other before.

She said that you were never willing to set a specific time to play.

She ended up waiting 6 hours online for you and when you showed up she was in the bathroom and when she returned you accused her of avoiding her.

And it went on from there...

She ended up being so upset that she threw the match just to get away from you and she is no no longer going to play tourneys!

While the rules have been scaled back to not attempt to police individual player behavior, we felt we must step in and say something because this was a Tournament of CHAMPIONS match!

What could she have possibly done to cause you to act this way?

I don't think she has been around long enough to have really done much wrong.

You have been warned repeatedly about your behavior in tournaments. We have been very accommodating, but this is the last straw. Having issues with people you have a history with is one thing, but driving away NEW Players is totally different.

Finally, you must now be on your best behavior from this point on in ALL TPR tourneys. Another outburst by you of ANY TYPE will result in immediate action in the form of a short term or long term ban.

This is our mutual decision after much discussion and is made without malice or personal animosity.

In short "Be Nice or Be Gone"

Tom TourneyBot co-admin and Coding Czar
Ron TourneyBot co-admin and TPR Czar

this was my response:

"this  is patent bullshit.

and i take offense to your tone without you ever talking to ME. you do this repeatedly and it is unacceptable and becoming intolerable.  i am fed up with it and will be taking this to fibsboard for publication.  your autocratic bullshit has to stop.

 first of all i message my opps (the ones who don't know me) that i am usually online for Tampa tourney, and will forgo playing it if they are online...

she apparently had no clue when that was, although i had played her in That tourney relatively recently since that is virtually all i have played in the last few months, except for league, until last week.  i also usually ask when would be convenient for them.  i have, since the beginning of the tourney, logged in to play the TOC at different times, in order to be flexible for other players, and that is when i ran into her....

She is Not new to fibs, as i have seen her shouting with others - usually resh and socksey... for well over a year now.... and she is in the Tournament of Champions, which means she is familiar with Fibs Tourneys.
Information about jane_n:
  Last login:  Wednesday, August 20 04:37 CDT from
  Last logout: Wednesday, August 20 04:39 CDT
  Not logged in right now.
  Rating: 1606.61 Experience: 13625
  No email address.
hmmm 13625 experience... hardly a newbie, and had been playing tourneys for quite some time as i have seen her in shouts....
...although in the game she did say she had never played in a tourney of this sort. .... i reminded her we had played, but she had no recollection. Then i realized she must be talking about a tourney spread over a number of days. that is when i began looking for the schedule of tourneys - more on this below....   BUT it is not my responsibility to translate your normally clear tourney instruction, even though i will help if asked, or someone is shouting for help....

If she was waiting online for 6 hours that is because she didn't bother to check what time the Tampa was, and she is  somewhere down under...

never willing to set up a time??

we played within 24 hours of me finishing with polle.... which was after tampa the night before... after which i slept.  I am in the USA after all....

as far as waiting for 6 hours that is  total lie, unless she was online and simply hoping to run into me.... how could she be waiting if i had been "never willing to set up a time"

she had messaged me sometime after i logged off and back on the next day. and while i was in the process of messaging her back i saw she was online.... and contacted her to play....

geeez you wrote all that and you can't even see the contradiction... never willing to set up a time, and waiting 6 hours - HUH??? and played within 24 hours of my last match...When i beat polle the night before, i discovered her to be my opp and messaged her then.

So i telled her that i was available. she did not respond, i waited appx 10 minutes and SHE LOGGED OFF.  Without ever responding to me. 
about 10 minutes later, i started a scrabble game.  these are timed games and unless your opp agrees, if you leave and they also do not adjourn you Lose... I had about 8 minutes left to the game, when she logged back in.  and wanted to play immediately - Remember this is now about 30 minutes after i had contacted her, 20 since she had logged off after ignoring me. 
i told her i was playing a scrabble game and would be willing to play with her after i finished.

she began berating Me, saying it was late and she was tired. said she was - i forget exactly where as i am bad with names, but somewhere down under.  i said that i would be on for tampa and could play then, knowing that the tampa would be during her daytime hours, as they are 12 - 16 hours from me... depending on which time zone we are both in and whether it is daylight savings time...

she continued with not knowing when the tampa was, and some other stuff i could not pay attention to as i was playing scrabble...
I cannot think about words, when someone is trying to have a conversation with me, and as scrabble is a word game the sound of the tells was distracting me so i logged off fibs. 

I finished my game and logged back in.  i telled her that i was ready when she was. after waiting about 8-10 minutes, contacted her again saying she had been in an all fired hurry to play after her ignoring me and logging off,  and now she was ignoring me again. She came back  about 3 minutes later, with the bathroom thing. fine.  But 13 minutes is an awfully long time for a bathroom break... if we had been playing she would have gone on the clock and i would have logged off.... 

one of us invited and we began playing. i then looked up the tourney schedule. it took me a while, as i  had a new pc without all my bookmarks - i even shouted asking for a link... i found it and posted it in the game, telling her it had world clocks to help find the times of the tourneys. is this the act of someone being hateful?? NO. it isn't..

we played, without even a thank you for the i recall she played as hard as she could - i saw no glaring missteps or any evidence that she was throwing the match...  just the play of a 1600 player....   i won. boo fucking hoo. i am appx 100 above her in rating points, which is rather low at this time, so unless she got lucky, that was a given... she didn't....

i even vouched her... even though she had been a jerk..

i was in no way rude. i was Not all girly nicey nicey but that should not be a requirement. we are adults. i may have been brusque, but it is also not my job to baby sit and placate anyone. that is your job... oh wait you said you do not do this any longer.

at some point she had said she had had a brain injury but she wasn't stupid. now i never said anything that could have been construed as thinking she was stupid, in fact i didn't think that,  just that she was rude and self-centered...  and if someone knows they have a problem remembering things, such as the times/rules of something, it would behoove them to write these things down. i have worked with people with brain injuries. there are many methods of compensating for whatever losses have been incurred. but it is not my job on fibs, in a tourney, to guess what the problem is, nor to solve it, especially after the fact. 

this automatic assumption of my guilt has to stop. especially after i came to you with a problem with diane, (and one of her minions) that you refused to address saying that you were not in the babysitting business anymore.... how dare you!! either of you. especially after AGAIN not even talking to me.  this is rank favoritism or total prejudice against me.  you are out of bounds. not me.

i also find it of interest that the so called complaints you have gotten, have primarily been from diane, or one of her down under cadre and/or minion... sorry but this seems exceedingly suspect - both in accusation as well as your jumping to attack and punish me, even treating me as a child - which is equally unacceptable and offensive as the rest -  without ever speaking to me, and refusing to do the same when I have a problem.... and believe me i do not come crying to you with every little affront from some player, and there are many more than you would think. I WILL be posting these to you from now on. ALL of them....

you also said in the email where you refused to speak to diane, that we all started with a clean slate... and now you are tossing previous complaints from her and her minions,  in my face. your (and i do mean both of you) hypocrisy knows no bounds, obviously."

I do not Expect you to apologize or alter your actions in the future, as you have made it quite clear that i and what i ask for assistance with, is of no import,  and that you will believe ANYONE except me and berate and punish me immediately, and only inform me after the fact.  I am posting on Fibsboard so there is a public record.  In future i will not be responding to you in email, but here...


 on: August 20, 2014, 04:01:24 PM 
Started by Julia_H - Last post by ah_clem

 on: August 20, 2014, 09:03:05 AM 
Started by Julia_H - Last post by dorbel

 on: August 20, 2014, 06:40:00 AM 
Started by Julia_H - Last post by Julia_H
Last time I put the question the Herd thought it too good to cube. With a mix of indirect shots and running numbers, what about this time?

(By the way, I was home very late last night with the MSO bronze medal for 7-pointers... gold and silver were 1 win ahead of me, and I got the nod on a complex tie-break of three players. I bet work will not thank me for being sleepy this morning Smiley )

 on: August 19, 2014, 05:12:35 PM 
Started by Julia_H - Last post by COsborne
bar 16

thanks Julia

 on: August 19, 2014, 06:37:37 AM 
Started by Julia_H - Last post by Julia_H
The cautious approach worked out pretty well for the Herd...

 on: August 18, 2014, 09:45:25 PM 
Started by Julia_H - Last post by NIHILIST
Clem writes, " I'll make the bold play."

It's worth remembering that most kamikaze pilots died.


 on: August 18, 2014, 02:37:46 PM 
Started by Julia_H - Last post by dorbel

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