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Using backgammon software / Extremegammon - Setup position for analysis/rollout
« Last post by simonides on August 06, 2016, 12:38:08 PM »
Hello, a question from someone new to Backgammon and Extremegammon, I've setup a position to complete a rollout to see what is the best response for that dice roll and checker position. The dice colour is opposite and they are on the wrong side of the board from what I want so the checkers go the wrong way!  How can I change the colour of the dice / move them to the other side of the board, and hence ensure that the checkers go the right way round the board for my rollout. It's simple to do in Gnu backgammon as you specify the dice colour when setting the value.


General Chit Chat / Re: What's the score?
« Last post by webrunner on July 31, 2016, 08:15:01 PM »
Most of it is...(well)

i noticed that Fibsboard had changed, i hope you still have fun maintaining it.

I was on Fibs the other day and almost i did not recognize it....
General Chit Chat / Re: What's the score?
« Last post by stog on July 31, 2016, 07:41:38 PM »
re Fibsboard usage-- looking at the Stats

new topics and posts have been going down this past year or so (except Tourneybot postings, which aren't included in the stats), but page views and members online are up (almost double the rates at takeover) I think this is mostly because most topics have now been covered, and FIBS is smaller and quieter now and a more stable place, user-wise, with perhaps a little less controversy!

The site is i think now more used as a resource, and with tbots auto posting (thx Tom)--Members no longer need to post results etc & i think folks now tend to log in to see results and tables, as well as using the Search for solutions to problems already posted and the established Links.

we did have a Forum Match setup for quite a while, which was good while it lasted, but i think it ran its course.

trust all is well with you

More good news from Backgammon Studio! Some sweet improvements in this release!

Backgammon Studio 3.1

Improvements since 3.0:

  • Play online matches! You can now challenge other players to an online match on Backgammon Studio!
    • Visit Showtime! section or use chat home menu to locate potential opponents.
    • Drag and drop checkers around the board or click on the checkers you want to move.
    • Click on the dices to swap the them.
    • Rightclick on the board to undo your move. Two rightclicks will also swap dices.
    • Once a match is complete both players receive the match in an email.
    • You will always resume a match against an opponent if you have an incomplete match with this opponent.
    • If you fail to play the best move you can check what the best move was by hovering over the move in the move list.
    • Errors and blunders will be marked in green/red. Currently you only see your own errors/blunders.
    • Feature must be considered in beta testing until all bugs are identified and fixed. No serious bug is currently known.
  • New actiontags:
    • Create homeboard gap or not.
    • Close homeboard gap or not.
    • Reduce homeboard blots or not.
    • Homeboard blotshift or not.
    • Break up 6p prime or not
    • Make a point or not
    • Create a blocking point or not
    • Reduce directshots or not
    • Front loading or not
    • Hit against stronger board or not
    • Homeboard point shifting or not
  • New training tracks:
    • Midpoint crisis! The midpoint is such a nice point to have! Is this the time to give it up?
    • Bulletproof! Your opponent has a stronger board. Hit or just play it safe?
    • Greatest hit! You are in bearoff. Is it worth the risk of going for one last hit?
    • Anchorman! Hitting is often tempting but sometimes making an achor is the better choice. What to do?
  • You can create your own custom tags in your private database. Mark positions with these custom tags and you can then search for these tags.
  • You can set what move was played when importing xgp positions. This makes the position searchable.
  • You can now search all positions in the database regardless if it was an error or not.
  • There is now a light home screen option which hides away a lot of features.
  • Backgammon Studio has now been localized to a few other languages. This work isn't complete and google translate was used...
  • Cube hint at different scores.
  • Average PR section now uses weighted average based on number of decisions in each match.
  • Additional data in Average PR section. Wins, Cost.
  • Improved about dialog with sections highlighting different features.
  • Backgammon Studio notation! Intended for mobile phone notation of live matches. Fairly untested at the moment.
  • A set of new textures for board and checkers.
  • Duel/Match on a mobile phone is now possible with an option to show/hide chat.

Some images

Visit the Showtime! section or use chat home screen to view the users list and click on an opponent. This opens the duel dialog. Select match as type and set the match length you want. Click challenge and hope for the best! The bottom button will initially be 'Send friend request'. For friends you can activate a chat window from here. This saves you from going to the friends section and activate it from there.

The match progress is as you'd expect (I hope!) and once you've made your move you can check how you did by hovering over the move in the move list. I guess this may be limited to desktop for now. I'll fix an alternative option for devices.

On devices you can now also drag and drop checkers. I found it difficult to hit a checker to move it and this works much better.

On phone in duel/match you'll see a chat button which will expand the chat to full screen:

Chat away and lower the chat window once done. If the opponent sends you a chat message the chat button will highlight. I guess I can add a audio notification too.

Then playing a match on a phone you have two sections, one for the moves list and one for the action buttons.

I ran out of space for actiontags so I had to create a new section. Room for many more now! :-)

Training tracks are fun! The latest additions brings the number of such tracks to 47!

In your private database you should now see two new menu options: Custom tags and Edit custom tags. Click on the edit custom tags:

and you can start entering your own tags. Once you have added a few you can go to the search section and you should see your own tags there:

One drawback with custom tags is that these are manually set tags (If it is generic you can ask me to add new automatically generated tags!):

Go to a position and click on the custom tag button in the tags tab:

Custom tags were created based on feedback from Nick Blasier.

In the seach section you will now see a 'Show all' button which will make Backgammon Studio search through all positions in the database:

But this is quite a lot of positions (Over 1.5 million of them!):

So one trick to avoid too much waiting is to build up your search when viewing errors and when you are happy with your search switch to searhcing all positions. This should be much faster.

This feature was suggested by Tore.

Backgammon Studio is large with a truckload features. This can be a bit overwhelming for new users so I have created a light home screen option:

After logging in you should see a 'Go light!' button at the top. Click this and the home screen changes:

which hides away most of the content and you're faced with just the basics. In the last quadrant you can scroll through the different other sections found on the server (most of them anyway) and there is an about button with info about each section.

This was based on feedback from Michy.

This also shows that you can switch the display language:

Bernhard Mayr asked about a way to get correct cube action at different scores and I had just added something similar for checker plays in version 3.0 so it was easy to expand it to include cube handling positions also:

I got a request from the Danish backgammon federation to do some adjustments to the average PR section. It is now based on a weighted average based on the number of decisions in each match. This didn't make a huge impact as far as I could tell. Perhaps just 0.1 PR up or down for each player.

There are also some additional data that can be optionally displayed.

The new about dialog which you get when you enter Backgammon Studio and when you click on the question mark after the title contains additional sections:

Click on the arrow buttons to check out other sections:

You can use your phone to do a match notation by entering moves. You may not always have video recording equipment available so this may be an alternative if you really want to get a match recorded. It hasn't been much tested though.

Feel that your board on Backgammon Studio is getting a bit old? Now you can freshen it up with new textures! :-)

In other news

A fair amount of matches has been transcribed in the last few weeks and also a fantastic amount of matches from the Novi tournament has entered Backgammon Studio. Amazing work from the guys involved in that effort! This brings the total number of matches up to 4451! The swiss army knife of backgammon! :-)

Best regards,
General Chit Chat / Re: What's the score?
« Last post by stog on July 27, 2016, 04:24:42 PM »
fine thx Erik

will need to modify/redirect domain shortly as hosting is updating
JavaFibs / Re: Custom boards
« Last post by samathajos on July 24, 2016, 08:59:30 AM »
General Chit Chat / ex fibster joe tamargo OT article
« Last post by KDP on June 23, 2016, 01:05:53 PM »
the main article is about someone else and is about scrabble but joe is mentioned in the article.  i thought some might find it interesting.
Improving your backgammon skills / Backgammon Studio 3.0!
« Last post by PillowFighter on June 20, 2016, 03:00:18 PM »

I have updated Backgammon Studio with version 3.0.

Backgammon Studio 3.0

Improvements since 2.9:

  • Bookmark image covers: bookmark folders can now get a position image attached. Nice if you have a folder of rolled out positions.
  • Rollout rumble! A series of rolled out positions turned into challenges. You can browse down to a set of rollouts and try the accompanying challenge. After you have completed the challenge once you can view the individual positions. Take the challenge later (preferably after a few days) to see if you have improved in handling this position or not.
  • New actiontags:
    • More spares or not: Having more spares is usually a great asset but should you do that at the expense of other opportunities?
    • Less spares or not: Sometimes the spares aren't as important as other possible improvements.
    • Reduce contact or not: Being behind in the race will usually require you to keep as much contact as possible. Not knowing the pipcount can lead you astray in these situations.
    • Build bridge or not: Bridges between isolated camps of checkers is key to get your rear checkers home safely. An opportunity to create such a bridge (if one was given up earler) can be very valuable.
    • Destroy bridge or not: Destroying your bridges is usually not a good idea but when the alternatives are worse you might have to.
  • New training tracks:
    • Demolition man! Destroy your bridge and let your back checkers fend for themselves?
    • Bridge builder! Build a bridge to let your back checkers get home safely?
    • Gold rush! Go for gold and slot the 5p? How can you resist?
    • Thin red line! Sometimes it is difficult to determine if you are good enough to double or not.
    • Primer! Extending your prime is very tempting! But perhaps not always correct?
    • Too good! Sometimes you miss the target and become too good! Or is it just an illusion?
  • New timed training tracks (think of it as speed gammon training):
    • Gold rush2!
    • Thin red line2!
    • Primer2!
    • Too good2!
    • Gone fishing 2!
    • Last man standing 2!
    • Safe opening 2!
    • First 2!
  • Home screen with chat: If you want to watch what is going on at Backgammon Studio you can watch the chat log for updates. And you can even chat with other players there unless they are too busy solving problems! :-) You get messages about:
    • User login/logout
    • Duel start/results
    • New highscores/champions (but not individual results as it would drown the chat rather quickly)
    • Friend requests
    • New forum postings
  • Home screen chat will have a chat log so all is not gone when you return to it. A page reload will clear it.
  • Email notification: You can now get notified when something interesting happens on Backgammon Studio (happens all the time!)
    • A new match has been transcribed and uploaded
    • You lost a champion title! Time to get it back! :-)
    • A new improvement was added.
    • A new explanation was sought for a difficult position.
    • A new classic challenge was added.
    • A new forum posting.
  • Revamp of most dialogs to look similar.
  • You can now quickly rate a position by using ctrl-1 to ctrl-6 (1-easy to 6-hard).
  • Introduction dialog now has more pages with useful tips.
  • Some search love:
    • More search query options has gotten help buttons.
    • You can now search for positions based on your own rating of the position and on average rating.
    • You can now search for individual dices (not just dice combination) so you can for instance search for positions where you have to play a 6 from the bar.
    • You an now search for the correct answer a position must have.
    • You can now search for winning, gammon and backgammon chances both for the player and the opponent.
    • It is possible to get gnu to show best move at different scores for the same position. Not sure how well it works yet.
  • Bugs:
  • It wasn't possible to play a duel on Internet Explorer (Edge). Now it works.
  • Dialogs should come out on top of each other.
  • I think there were some more minor improvements in this release...

Some images

Rollouts is all the rage at the moment so I have added something I have called 'Rollout rumble'. It is a series of challenges that are based on rolled out opening positions. Currently I have added 1st roll. I have 2roll but not much data for 3rd roll.

This was inspired by a comment from Michy when he was looking up positions where a certain move was correct.

Dialogs has evolved a bit from the start and I have tried to clean up most of them to look the same.

Getting email notifications is sweet! :-) I'll add a few more when I can think of anything interesting to be notified about.

This I think is useful to use as the default home screen on desktop as you can follow interesting events as they happen on the server. Ah. I should probably add a /tell <user> <message> so you can send a message to another player. But then I guess I need to add all the other bells and whistles that are needed like muting/blocking other users.

I needed to set a cover image for the rollout folders as all entries in these folders will be the same position. How useful this is to use in your private database I don't know.

The intro dialog has evolved and now contain several sections with tips and some button links to interesting sections.

Action training tracks are fun! I have added a few that were missing.

It is possible to exclude positions that you have rated as easy by entering 2 or higher here and then tagging positons as easy when you come across them.

Speed gammon training! A must! :-)

The bridge concept is an interesting one and I have added two tracks that deals with them.

Earlier the online status was rather shaky but I think it should work better now.

Tore likes winning/gammon estimation and wanted to be able to select a few positions and then play them in this play mode. Sure thing!

You can now specify more values for cube search by also specifying winnning, gammon and backgammon both for you and your opponent.

In other news

There are now more than 4000 matches (most of them live transcribed matches)!

There are now 42 different training tracks!

There are now 54 action training tracks! Worth checking out!

Best regards,
General Chit Chat / What's the score?
« Last post by webrunner on June 13, 2016, 09:34:34 PM »
Hi everybody,
I thought to have a look around on fibsboard after quite some time, i see the whole design hasn't changed after i left it in the capable hands of Stog  :thumbsup2:

How is everybody doing?

Over the last couple of weeks I have been transcribing matches that I found on youtube but couldn't find any transcription of. Some interesting matches there!
2012 Chicago Open - Kazuhiko Yotsushika (bottom) vs Victor Ashkenazy - Round 2:

2012 Chicago Open - Kazuhiko Yotsushika (top) vs MCG - World BG TOC 7pts - Round 1 Best 2:3:

2012 Chicago Open - Mochy (top) vs. Justin Nunez - Masters Event - Round 3:

2012 Chicago Open - Akiko (bottom) vs Ed O'laughlin - Masters Round 2:

2012 Chicago Open - Falafel (top) vs Tsuyoshi Minakami - World BG TOC:

Minak VS Neil Kazaross Giants Invitational 2013 Quickie Match:

Victor Ashkenazi VS Yotsumshika Chicago Open 2013 Masters:

And there were a few other matches too:

2012 Chicago Open - MCG (bottom) vs Falafel top, World BG TOC, Best 2:3, Seven Point Match Round 2:

2012 Chicago Open - MCG (bottom) vs Falafel, World BG TOC, Best 2:3, Seven Point Match Round 3:

2012 Chicago Open - Falafel (top) vs Petko - World BG TOC:

Swedish Open 2012 - Konrad Fr&#246;schl vs Raj Jansari:

2012 LA Open Eliot Bean vs. Gary Bauer - Chicago Open - Round 3:

2012 Chicago Open - Bill Davis (bottom) vs Michael Edge - Round 7:

TXBG - USBGF TOC - Munitz & Bishop vs. Petko & Taylor:

TXBG - Ed OLaughlin & Dorn Bishop:

TXBG - Petko vs. Ashkenazi:

TXBG - Rory Pascar vs. Arkady Tsinis:

TXBG - Jason Lee vs. Harvey Gillis:

Falafel vs Malcolm Davis:

Bob Koca vs Jake Jacobs Chicago Open 2013 Main Event:

Herb Roman vs Neil Kazaross Chicago Open 2013 Main Event:

Jake Jacobs VS Victor Ashkenazi Chicago Open 2013 Main Event:

Jeremy Bagai VS Victor Ashkenazi Chicago Open 2013 Main Event:

Matt Cohn Geier VS Petko Kostadinov Chicago Open 2013 Main Event:

Jake Jacobs VS Neil Kazaross Giants Invitational 2013:

Matt Cohn Geier VS Alfred Mamlett Chicago Open 2013 Main Event:

Bob Koca VS Neil Kazaross Chicago Open 2013 Main Event:

Jake Jacobs VS Petko Chicago Open 2013 Main Event:

Matt Cohn Geier VS Jeremy Bagai Giants Invitational 2013 Quickie Match:

Ben Friesen vs Bill Riles Chicago Taki Tournament 2013:

Matt Cohn Geier VS Neil Kazaross Giants Invitational 2013 Quickie Match:

Neil Kazaross vs Alfred Mamlett top) Chicago Open 2013 Main Event:

Paul Weaver Top) VS David Rockwell Giants Invitational 2013 Speedgammon:

Paul Weaver Top) VS Stepan Nuniyants Giants Invitational 2013 Speed Gammon Match:

Petko VS Neil Kazaross Chicago Open 2013 Main Event:

Victor Ashkenazi VS Jeremy Bagai Giants Invitational 2013 4a 2a:

Victor Ashkenazi VS Doug Mayfield Chiacgo Open 2013 Masters:

Justin Nunez vs. Tedd Chee - 5pt Blitz:

Steve Sax vs. Joe Russell - Masters Round 2:

LA Open - MCG vs. Joe Russell:

MCG vs Stephan Nuniyants - LA Open:

Alan Martin (bottom) and Bob Glass (top):

Ed O'Laughlin and Malcolm Davis:

Carolina 2013 BG R3 Ray Fogerlund v Stuart Thomson:

Carolina Backgammon R1 Petko Kostadinov v Vadim Masaelyan:

Carolina Backgammon R8 Petko Kostadinov v David Rogers:

Carolina Backgammon FM R2 Ray Fogerlund v David Todd:

Carolina Backgammon FM R3 Stuart Thomson v David Todd:

There are a lot of other matches that haven't been transcribed yet so if you want to help out transcribing these matches you can visit the Other actions/Match videos section and assign a couple of matches to yourself:

And you have to visit Backgammon Studio match archive which now has over 4000 matches!

And as always you can test your backgammon skills in any number of interesting ways too! :-)

Best regards,

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